Why are books so important?

By: Kelsey Whitten

Why are book important?

Books are important because it makes you interesting, it reduces stress, it can help you discover and create yourself. Also, teaches you to think for yourself.

Why do you read?

It's better to read a good book, instead of a bad book. The reason you don't want to read a bad book is because it can make you life miserable. If you read a good book there is so many reasons that are good about it. Like, it will reduce your stress, it increases your vocabulary, helps you discover and create yourself. They are interesting and can also make you attractive to some people. They expose you to new things, it can help you improve understanding, tools for communication, it can even help you boost yourself esteem. Also, it can boost your imagination and creativity. There is so many more reason why reading books are important.

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Books are important because they are interesting and they can also make you attractive. It reduces stress, it can help discover and create yourself.

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It can expose yourself to new things, self improvement, it can help you improve understanding, tools to communicating, it can also boost imagination and creativity.

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It is a very good stress relief, it can improve your memory, you can boost your self-esteem, you can increase your vocabulary, it will enhance your creativity, it will make you over become boredom.

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Good books improve our standard of living, books encourage use when we are defeated, you should avoid reading bad books (they make your life miserable), books gives us pleasure.

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To develop your verbal abilities, improves your focus and concentration, it can get you to enjoy the art and improve the world, it improves your imagination, reading can make you smarter, it improves your memory.