Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 4, 19th August 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Friday 9th September - School Cross Country
  • Monday 19th September - BOT Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Friday 23rd September - Grandparent's Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to strive to do my best

Te reo phrase of the week: ka pai to korero (please speak nicely)

Kia ora,

Wow we have had some rain! The students have been able to mostly stay dry this week. Now that the Matapu Hall is opened up at lunch times for a few indoor games, we’ve managed to fit in some indoor exercise. It has also been great to see all of our students participating in cross country training.


A big thanks to the wonderful families who have already jumped on board the rear-a-bull scheme for 2022. Fundraising initiatives such as these really help our school to offer our students extra opportunities and experiences that they would otherwise not get. A perfect example of this is the recently completed Aumangea Taima (Makerspace) outdoor area. Our vision is to provide our students with a balanced curriculum where they can participate in digital, pen and paper, and practical lessons that support them to become well rounded students before they head off to high school. If you are keen to rear a bull for Matapu School this year, please contact Brent Espin (0275513660) or Nathan Joyce (0275144630) who will be able to sort you out with an ID tag and answer any questions that you may have.

Matapu History Fact

Matapu School has had four ex-pupils become All Blacks. The first was Jimmy O’Sullivan who was a member of the famous 1905 All Blacks. Others who realised their greatest dream were A. West, J. Sullivan, and T. Katene.

As of today we currently have no Covid cases within our student population.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

School Notices

Values Awards

Room 1 - Colt for showing integrity and doing the right thing.

Room 2 - Nevaeh for Respect! You are a respectful, kind and valuable member of Room 2!

Room 3 - Honor for fantastic writing, using a hook and "show and not tell".

Room 4 - Zaclin for always striving to do his very best in all work and activities.

Room 5 - Nate for working hard and striving to do your best, especially with your reading!!

Room 6 - Kaleb for amazing persistence in learning to write your WHOLE name, you are nearly there!


Kahore taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini.

We cannot succeed without the support of those around us.

Hawera Touch Module

Hawera Touch Module at Turuturu Soccer Grounds will begin Week 8 of Term 3 (Thursday 15th September) every Thursday after school. We are organising teams from Years 0-8 and need you to fill in the attached Google Form by following the link below. The cost to register and play is $15 per child.

Click here to sign your child up for Touch. You will need to fill out individual forms for each child. Please fill in the form before Friday 26th of August.

We will not accept any late entries.

Room 1

Our school is very lucky to be partnered with Enviro School’s and have the support of Esther who comes out to teach us how to get the best out of our school environment. Last week she built the Cold Frame with the Enviro Leaders and this week she has helped us to get some kumara and potato tipu going. Watch this space for updates on the tipu.

Room One were able to share some of our Maker Projects in assembly today. The kids are doing so well learning how to solve problems and develop their practical skills. I hope you are enjoying hearing all about the projects at home.

Photo is of the big buddies reading to their buddy in Room 6 this week.

Room 2

We were super fortunate with the weather last week! A beautiful day on Friday meant we could all get involved and head out to the Maker Space area and construct our bridges. I was thrilled with the results. There was so much hands-on learning! Team dynamics can be challenging and is all part of the learning progress.

For Maths, we are working on decimal/fraction conversion, decimal place value and standard units of measurement.

We are having a great time during Writing - we are re-imagining known fairy tales, and are trying to persuade our reading audience that the 'villain' is actually the good guy. So much fun!

A highlight of the week is welcoming Laila to our room. It is lovely to have another fabulous young lady join our team.

Hopefully, this awful weather will be done with and we can find some sunshine soon.

Room 3

For Science this week with Whaea Justine, we were exploring reactions. We made exploding bags by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Some bags had a big pop and some no pop! It was interesting to watch the bags change.

Room 4

Hi from Room 4 for Week 4 of Term 3. Mr Blance here filling in for Miss Procter

who is away sick. We all wish her a speedy recovery. It has been a joy to share

the week with the children of Room 4 because they are great children and because

Miss Procter is so well organised and prepared. Therefore the children's programme

has been very much the same which is good for consistency. In Aumangea Taima we

have been exploring sound and today's craft was a "bull roarer" that many nations

claim as their own.

Room 5

On Friday Room 5 spent the day exploring with the WeDo kits for robotics. In pairs they were tasked with building and coding Milo the robot to have a motion sensor so that he would stop when he could sense an object nearby. The teamwork to build and code with the iPads was brilliant to see and there was lots of discussion around how to code it to move and what sounds or features it would present when it sensed an object nearby. Students had to test and recode Milo when the coding did not work. Great work Room 5!

Room 6

We have been working hard in Room 6. It is great to see the progress that is happening in so many ways.

Fine motor skills have really improved and it is cool to see all the names written clearly and stuck on the wall each morning. I’m sure as parents you will have noticed a big difference in a few months!

We love running through the ‘heart’ words and the letters we have learnt and it is heart-warming when students start using the blending and segmenting sounds to write words themselves. These are such important skills that set the groundwork for all the literacy learning that will happen as they move through school.

We have settled into our cross country training and everyone is doing a super job at jogging round the field and saving the sprint for the end of the race. We have watched the story of the Tortoise and the Hare and now know slow and steady wins the race!

We have finished our first round of Science and Aumangea Taima and it has been great to see all the juniors working and learning together.

Community Notices

Big picture
Big picture


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