Manuel Noriega

By: MaKayla Sterling


Manuel Noriega was the leader on Panama from 1983 until 1989. He was involved in the Central Intelligence Agency and was also suspected to be a part of the international drug trade. Due to this suspicion the United States then became involved with Manuel and tried to convince him to drop down from his leadership, but he refused. After this, President Bush launched Operation Just Cause. The operation was when United States soldiers found and arrested Noriega and brought him back to the US for trial. He was found guilty of drug trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering and was forced to spend 40 years in jail. Later on this trial was looked at to be unfair but the United States did not let up the punishments for Manuel.


This is a youtube clip about the capturing of Manuel Noriega. During the video, the viewer learns how the people truely felt about him being a leader. This clip was from the actual news at the time. While I watched this clip I was very surprised to learn how upset the people of Panama were really feeling towards Manuel. Due to this, once Manuel was captured the people of the city were very excited and also pleased with the outcome. This shows how much of s ruthless leader he was and how he affected his city in a very negative way.


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Essential Question

Was the trial of Manuel Noriega taking place in the United States fair?


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