also known as Pablo Meggers

background info

Pablo found out he had his superpower when he was 15 years old. He tried to hide it from his family but his mother found out when Pablo was hit by a car and he had no scratch from the accident. Ever since then his mother has kept his secret

Periodic info

Symbol: Li

Atomic number: 3

Average atomic mass: 6.941

protons: 3

electrons: 2,1

3 imortant uses of lithium

3 Characteristics of Element

1. Lithium is the lightest known metal

2. only alkali metal that reacts with nitrogen

3.boiling point is 1347 oC,

Pablos powers

If Pablo is hit with something he feels no pain. His body feels like lithium but does not look like it. Also Pablo can fly since it is the lightest metal.

His weakness is sulphuric acid. If he touches it he dissolves.