Coding k-1

MP4 Week 5 & 6

Last week: Cloud Computing

No Virtual Lesson Recording from last week!
  • The Virtual Lesson Recording did not record properly and is difficult to hear. However, below is a link to the BrainPop video we watched on Cloud Computing. If you missed chat, please check it out!
What do you think?
  • After watching the video on Cloud Computing, can you think of two examples of Cloud Storage we use here at PALCS?
Week 5 Chat: Cloud Computing

If you missed chat, check out this BrainPop video on Cloud Storage!

This Week: Turn the Page!

Please click the link below to watch the Virtual Lesson Recording!

  • In chat we learned how to create a story that has multiple pages that the program loops though!

Create your own School Story with multiple pages!

  • Set different backgrounds for different scenes in your story, like turning the pages of a book! Make sure you have at least 3 different backgrounds!

Email me your Program!

  • Let's share our School's Stories!

Chat Recording Week 6: Turn the Page!

Click the link above to learn how to add more pages to your story! There is no question of the week!

Tips & Hints: Turning the Page!

Need Help? Check out these tips & hints!

Tips & Hints: Emailing me your project!

Having problems emailing me your project? Click above for directions!

See you in cyberspace!