New Stylist Challenge


Welcome to our Golden Gem team!

You are officially a Stella & Dot Stylist! Woo-hoo! Congrats! I am either your sponsor or your Upline Director. I love doing contests for my team, so this one is JUST FOR YOU!

It's time to get you off to a great start! We are here every step of the way to make sure you love what you do!

There is a ton of training that can be done on your own time in the lounge! Have fun browsing the videos and getting to know our home office! Your sponsor and/or I also will set-up a New Stylist Training with you.

Now it's time for some FUN! Are you ready??? I have some CHALLENGES for YOU over the next 4 weeks!!!

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3 Part Golden Gem Newbie Challenge!

I have a fun challenge for YOU ! If you complete all 3 parts by your 30th day, you will earn yourself a set of Display trays!

Here we go...

#1- Schedule a 15 minute call with ME once a week for the first month. We will go over the basics and I will help you book your first four shows!

#2- BOOK FOUR shows in your 60 days! Have Four dates ready to go by Day 30! This is proven to get you off to a fast and successful stat! The more you do in your jumpstart, the more $$$$ you'll make and the more products you will earn for FREE! Oh..and yes, you'll meet a TON of strangers you will book and continue your business with!!!

***One of these shows can be YOUR Launch SHOW!

#3- Sell $1000 in your first 30 days!! Guess what happens if you do this?? You earn a QUICK START JUMPSTART and your $199 REBATE! This is $100 in Jump Start product credits (10% back for jumpstart!) PLUS the Quick Start Bonus of $100! This can be done with 1-2 shows!

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Want to Double DOWN for another fun prize? Let's GROW!

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Having fun yet? Share the Joy! Bring someone on to your team!

Sponsor ONE new stylist in your Jumpstart that goes on to qualify (sell $500) in her Jumpstart and I'll treat you to...

Ikat Utility Bag to store your TRAYS!

Two Foldable Neckforms!

Isn't life more fun when we bring along a friend?!? How easy is it to say, "Wouldn't this be so fun to do Stella & Dot together?" Sponsor a friend, associate, customer or stranger to your team and I'll coach you both as a pair!

Making it even sweeter, did you know that our Jump Start program also rewards you to bringing along someone and helping her launch strong?

For every stylist you sponsor during YOUR Jumpstart, who qualifies by selling $1000 retail sales during her Jump Start, Stella & Dot will reward you with $300 in PRODUCT CREDIT!

I'll be checking in with each of you to map out how we can reach your goals!