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this is about Trypanosomiosis, my disease is caught by a bug called the triatomite bug if you wanna learn more keep on reading.

causes and symptoms of this disease

Some causes of this disease is, scratching, rubbing, infecting of blood, sweating and infections, fever, fatigue, rash, body aches, eyelid swelling, head aches, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, swollen glands, enlargement of some organs, and nausea. These bugs may only bite on the neck or your head. This bug may be familiar as "The Kissing Bug".

the organs that are infested by this disease

some of the organs that are infected by this disease. You may have enlargement of your esophagus {mega esophagus} or enlargement of your colon {mega-colon} or heart failure. But this disease is mostly found in Subsaharan, Africa

diseases close to mine and preventing you from trypanosomiosis

Some diseases that are familiar to mine are, Le-i-sh-man-ia-sis, ma-l-ar-i-a, and sch-is-to-mi-a-sis. So to prevent your self from getting this is, Avoid sleeping in mud and even getting close to mud in Mexico, South America, and Central America. Use insect netting in your bed and use insect repeller on your body especially your face and be careful no to get it in your face or eyes.


Some stats are, that there were around 10,000 cases reported in 2009. Their was also 9,000 deaths reported in 2010. Some treatments are, medication such as, benznidazole and nifurtimox, and STAY OUT OF MUD.

How it's transmited

What causes this disease? Well Trypansoma is transmitted to humans from a bite from an insect known as the triatomine bug. These bugs are infected by something called T. cruzi. Eating uncooked food also with their feces in it. Being around an infected pet or animal. These bugs may also be Known as "The Kissing Bug".

How to stay safe

How do you stay safe you ask? well stay away from anyone or anything with this disease. Stay away if you think or know something is going on around over Brazil because they are the most popular countrie with the disease. Make sure you don't make any close contact with mud. Try not to make contact with a bug called the tsetse fly that gives you my disease.


Some facts are, neglected parasitic infection is also known as trypanosomiosis. Traypanosomiosis is also called the Chagas disease because they named it after Carlos, Carlos was the one who discovered the disease in the 1990's. Tiny worms can actually cause severe serious damage.

About the bug { the tsetse fly}

The Chagas disease, If the bug gets a small blood sucking meal the disease will only last for a short time. But if the bug gets a good big blood sucking meal their will be many feces or eggs on your body and if the eggs all hatch on your body or skin you will probably die because their all sucking your blood and you wont have enough blood for you to run your body so you would die. { usually tsetse flies have around 1 to 21 eggs
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