Where Art Meets Technology

Sisyphus: Where Art Meets Technology

Art and technology are the essential aspects of our society and help us convey our thoughts to the world. The Sisyphus Industries founder, Bruce Shapiro, got inspiration from Greek mythology, in which Zeus ordered Sisyphus to roll up a large stone up to a hill.

Don't worry, in the Sisyphus Table; you won't get any punishment. It will instead perfectly combine stunning art and music. Yes, that's true, if you want to make your weekend more cheerful, you must consider buying these unique table designs from Sisyphus.

The table's dynamic design and unique mechanism have already stirred art and tech lovers' emotions. The Sisyphus coffee tables, Sisyphus tabletop are first-of-their-kind kinetic art tables that transform a simple table into a kinetic masterpiece for the living room using beautiful patterns and customized tracks.

Of course, there's more to it than beautiful patterns and playing the music of your own choice, and that's where the two motor robot comes into the picture. Sounds interesting? Read on to check how Sisyphus Industries builds these unique kinetic masterpieces.

How Sisyphus Brings Kinetic Art Table into the Home

  • Every Sisyphus table is designed using a custom CNC machine, and the designers closely monitor its design and give it a perfect hand finishing.

  • After this, a team of designers assembles the two-motor robot, also known as Sisbot, to the table, one of the significant parts of the Sisyphus table.

  • The two motor robot operates when we move a magnet. The magnet attracts a steel ball in the sand and creates constant stunning patterns on the table.

  • The Sisbot is connected through WiFi and controlled by a computer-programmed chip known as a Pi computer.

  • After assembling the parts, the Sisbot goes through rigorous testing to ensure excellence. Not only this, but the designer also checks the performance of the table to give long-lasting outcomes.

  • After this, designers spray the lacquer on CNC-machined and hand-finished wood surfaces and then dry it for practical use.

  • The lacquer is then individually sprayed on each hardwood surface ring, and a few coating is applied to the surface. The whole process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

  • After this, the rings are left to dry for 24 hours and then proceed to the next step.

  • The production team welds the Sisyphus' metal table frames before doing the powder coating and moving the tables to the shop.

  • Now, the team establishes the table's base and assembles the Sisyphus steel metal frames.

  • Now, the team installs the fully assembled Sisbot in each metal table frame. Apart from installing Sisbot, the team also installs LED lighting in each table's base. 12VDC universal switching supply is used to supply power to the LED lighting and Sisbot.

  • The designer tests Sisbot and LED lighting 24/7 to ensure optimal performance and meet all the quality standards.

  • Finally, the Sisyphus Table is now ready for packaging and delivered to a new home.

  • Once the table is delivered to a new destination, the table's charm is added by pouring the white silica sand into the table's center.

  • Lastly, A tempered glass tabletop or Sisyphus mini executive tabletop is added to the table to complete the process. Moreover, using the mobile app, you can enjoy more than 160 different design patterns and play your own kind of music. The company also allows customers to create their own custom designs for the Sisyphus table.

Final Thoughts

With a gamut of customization options such as changing the ball's speed, light arrangement, brightness, shades, and creating your personal playlists, thousands of people across the globe are now developing and curating their kinetic art in their homes.

The high-tech furniture option from Sisyphus Industries can be installed without any hassle. Even a technically challenged person can install the table without any guidance. You just need to download this free app from the iTunes store or Google Play store, and you are good to go.

Moreover, the company also provides several video tutorials to ensure that the Sisyphus mini executive tabletop or Sisyphus tabletop won't give you trouble. Like a car manufacturing company, Sisyphus Industries provides various helpful options that can help you customize the table as per your requirements.

You can find images and practical instructions about a particular button's function on their website. Sisyphus Industries is one of the first companies that include the idea of having and performing stunning kinetic patterns like this one in the living space. So bring this amazing kinetic beauty into your home with state-of-the-art design and tech and give your living space an artistic touch.

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