Week 10: Keynote Badge & Project

EDCI318 Tech for Teaching & Learning-Spring 2018

Make sure you get all the way to the bottom of this document!!

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Download the iBook and READ

Sign into the Apple Teacher Learning Center again to download the iBook and take the QUIZ earn your Badge

Additional iBooks written by a teachers to help you master Magic Move Animations

Animation Studio; Creatin g Dynamic Animations Using Keynote Using animation as a platform to reinforce curriculum can motivate students to think beyond the confines of the textbook and assist finding meanings, discovering ideas, and expanding artistic capabilities. This One Best Thing reveals how easy it can be to use Keynote to create dynamic animations. Clcik the link below to download the FREE ibook, it is short!!

Animating Keynote is a great presentation tool. However it is also a brilliant way to engage students with filmmaking. This book contains lots of ideas and tips for how to use Keynote on iPad to make some amazing content. Download the book and try out the ideas. Then take part in the #MagicMoveChallenge on Twitter.

Badge Assignment

Now that you have read the iBook and earned your badge, add a thoughtful and detailed review of your learning about Keynote from reading the iBook and practicing, be specific and detailed about what you learned reading the iBook and taking the quiz and earning your badge.

Grading Breakdown for the Keynote Badge and Keynote Presentation Assignment

  1. 5 points-A screenshot of your badge as part of your reflection of learnng
  2. 25 points- Add your thoughtful and detailed review of your learning about Keynote from reading the iBook and practicing, be specific and detailed about what you learned reading the iBook and taking the quiz and earning your badge. Include a screenshot of your badge in your reflection, and include a link to the Apple Teacher Learning Center.http://appleteacher.apple.com
  3. 40 points- for adding to your Keynote Badge Magic Move CURRICULUM Project to your KEYNOTE Badge WEEBLY page, please add your project BELOW your reflection.
  4. 10 points-TWEET using the hashtag #ded318 & #appleteacher, #ForTheLoveofLearning
  5. 20 points for adding to the Padlet. https://padlet.com/ded318/keynote
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Lots of examples from Teachers at this hashtag

THis one has not sound, but good use of Magic Move, Yours will have sound, YOUR VOICE presenting!!
A little experiment I did with my drawings using Paper by Fifty-Three, animated in Apple Keynote, and edited in iMovie. John McCrae's 1915 poem is iconic - please read the entire poem and check out the history /context. I felt like doing just the first stanza was poignant.

Keynote Magic Move Project Assignment

  1. Make sure you have explored the examples above before you begn you project.
  2. Make sure your have read the iBook and earned your Badge.
  3. Make sure your have also explored the 2 additon iBook resources.
  4. Create your CURRICULUM presentation project in Keynote. In other words, this is your presentation to your class of students. I suspect many of you would normally default to Powerpoint when asked to create a presentaton, but Keynote has some very powerful features. Your learned many of them in the Getting Started with Keynote iBook when you earned your badge, try including what you have learned in your presentaation, but make sure it has Magic Move included.
  5. Choose a topic/unit you will teach in your classroom, stick to your CURRICULUM.
  6. Create your presentation in Keynote, remember, your presentation must include MAGIC MOVE. (Tutorials below)
  7. Record your presentation just as if you were doing it live in class using the Screen Recording feature on your iPad (Tutorials Below).
  8. You will use the screen recording feature of iOS 11 to make a movie of your presentation that uses MAGIV MOVE and some other features you discoverted in the IBOOK on your iPad. It will auto save your screen recording to your Photos when you finish.
  9. Next, ppload your recorded presentation from photos to YOUTUBE.


  • Practice before you record. write a script or atleast an outline.
  • Make sure you turn on the mic in your screen recording, we want to hear your teacher voice.
  • Upload your video to Youtube. We have uploaded to Youtube several times now.
  • Make sure your video on Youtube is Unlisted or Public.
  • Grab the URL from Youtube, and use the Youtube tool in Weebly to add your project BELOW your Reflection & badge on your Keynote subpage under projects.
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If you have problems uploading your video to Youtube.....

Here a link to a video with several fixes for the NO sound issue.

It is always a good idea to search YOUTUBE for a solution when things don't go as expected. It is always likely the issue has happened to someone else and somebody has figured out a solution.

Or you might even consider using VIMEO as a place to upload your video. https://vimeo.com It is also FREE.

Don't forget to add the social media icons and TWEET

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