President and His White House Staff

Madison Solomon

Presidential Succession

The Presidential Succession is important to have in place in case something happens to our president.

The "VP"

The vise president is the runner up to be the next president if need be. They don't have many other responsibilities than that besides being the president of the senate.

Prominence of The VP Overtime

When FDR was promoted to president the importance of the VP changed. They are now always prepared to take charge. They are also involved in some of the 'president stuff' if the president allows them to do.

The Presidential Cabinet and Their Duties

Made up of the heads of the executive department. They have duties in the departments they represent, and they assist the president whenever they are asked too. They play a huge role in the presidential succession.
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National Security Council

The NSC help assist the president in making foreign policies and coordinating national security. The regular members are the president, the VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Defense, and the assistant of National Security Affairs.
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Office of Management and Budget

Their Job to assist the president in the annual federal budget.

Federal Bureaucracy

A combination of agencies and departments that carry out responsibilities from congressional legislation

Agencies Within the Cabinet Departments

FBI - protect and defend united states against foreign attacks

DEA - responsible to prevent drug smuggling

U.S. Marshall - handles fugitives and prisoners, keep them away from others

National Parks Service - administer national parks, museums, etc.

Forest Service - administer national forests and grasslands

Coast Guard - branch of armed forces that protects U.S. at sea

Marines - Marine Corps, trained to defend on land or sea

Navy - conducts all military operations at sea

Independent Agencies

Justice - Nation's legal affairs

Interior - Natural Resources

Defense - Protecting America

Treasury - Manage America's money

Regulatory Commissions

Food and Drug Administration - Responsible for protecting and promoting public health

Federal Trade Commission - antitrust and consumer protection in the marketplace

FCC - regulates interstate communications

DOE - handles U.S. energy and nuclear materials