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Should students listen to MP3 players during class?

Should students listen to music during class?


Children in classes wish that they could listen to music, because they want to relax and be able to finish their work.

1. It helps students relax

Some students listen to music, because it helps them relax and finish their job.

2. It Helps Students With ADHD

Music helps students with ADHD relax, focus on their work and not get distracted while they are doing their assignment.

3. Helps The Brain Remember

There is an article tat says, "Music relaxes the mind and lowers stress levels that inhibit learning. When used effectively, it increases alpha levels in the brain, boosting memory and recall and allowing the brain to access reserve capacities."- -Music and Learning

4. Keeps Them On Task

Statistics show that 79% of people listen to music while they are working, because it helps them improve their work.

5. Teachers Use Music Lyrics For Lessons

There are teachers that use the lyrics of songs for lessons. They teacher gives the students the lyric to read and tells them to write what they think the meaning is, and then she/he and the students compare the real meaning to their meaning of the song.