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from the desk of Cissy Floyd, Principal

Full STEAM Ahead into the Remainder of October!

Can you believe we are 25 instructional days away from Thanksgiving Break! As the "To-Do" lists swarm around in my head, typing that number just provided me with a major sense of accomplishment. Take a few minutes to reflect on how much you, we, have done as a team to make CES the most engaging, fun, relationship-driven, safe, flexible learning environment possible for students and for us. FOCUS on the POSITIVE because there is so much to celebrate as Team Central!

Up and Coming Next Week......

Earthquake Awareness Week and Safety Week

16th Lesson Plans due for Special Ed and Related Arts

17th-Bus Evacuation Drill (See schedule from Mrs. Goode)


18th-Family Book Fair Event 4:00-5:30; Title I Literacy Family Night

20th-Den Meetings (bring CES Time Information regarding your students)

21st-End of First Nine Weeks Celebration

21st-School Improvement Council Meeting @ 7:30 a.m. in the Conference Room

Lego League and Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Part of Lego League Club is to identify a problem and design an innovative solution. The problem the students identified through research was puppy mills in South Carolina. A puppy mill is a place that breeds dogs in inhumane ways. The Humane Society of Pickens County came to talk to the students. They learned that awareness is one of the biggest problems. So the students designed (and presented to Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Goode) their solution to increase awareness. Thus, Puppy Mill Awareness Day was born!

This will be a day for families to bring their dogs to Central. The students have created various "stations" for the families to visit. Our Awareness Day will be Saturday, October 29 at 10am. This should be a fun time for all and raise awareness about puppy mills in our own communities.

Shout Out to Related Arts for Intentional Integration!

Shout out to Mrs. Bolin and Mrs. McCants for sharing how they are being intentional with integrating reading and grade-level units during related arts. Below are some highlights:

Media Center-Kathy McCants

Continuation of Reading Volunteers- Most of last year's reading buddies have returned as well as "newbies". At least 2 have bonded with 2 of our students & you should see their faces light up when they enter the library doors. We have 30 "regulars" as well as a group that comes from Clemson on Fridays- (usually 2-4).

-Provide AR & Destiny instruction to grades 2-5.

-ProvideDISCUS instruction through collaboration with Moore & Shirley -Circulation soars- -Try to read stories to 4-year-old that correlate with letter they are studying -Having students who come to read introduce themselves to volunteers -Recognizing students who earn AR points on wall outside library door.

Physical Education-Mindy Bolin


· Zoo Phonics with movement

· Body parts…I say…If you’re listening, touch your (body part).

· Dismiss, “If your name begins with the letter…”

· Flash cards taped on floor in straight line for dismissal. I ask them the color of their card for a ticket.


· Zoo Phonics with movement

· As they dismiss they have to know their birthday

· Flash cards taped on floor in straight line for dismissal. I ask them the color or shape of their card for a ticket. (Next 9 weeks, I will change them to letters and numbers)

· At the end of class, we read a book. Beginning of the year we did a “Pete the Cat” unit and we graphed our favorite. Now, I am reading books about fall.

3rd Grade

· We receive their vocabulary words and we sometimes do curl-ups and spell them out.

· Native American unit of study. Games they played, Lacrosse. I will tell the story of how it came to be and students will practice skills and play a game.

ALL Grade Levels

· I always have a book ready to read for K5-2nd at the end of PE. They love a read aloud and requests books often.

· I have two lines at the door to exit. One for younger students (colors and shapes) and one for older students (multiplication and addition). I ask random students their answer and give them a ticket. Then, I tell everyone to whisper their answer to the person in front of them.

· I also use thinking maps with my classes.

· I am trying to do more STEAM activities in PE. For example, students worked in groups and created a free standing hula hoop hut and every person in their group had to crawl through it without knocking it over. (K5-2nd)

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