Lord of the Flies

Hans Lowenadler

Ralphs Tribe

Ralphs tribe is run like a Democratic government. A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. He lets everyone have a fair say, but its mainly Ralph himself, making the rules and regulations. Citizens probably prefer it this way having a chance to put in their input.

Jacks tribe

Jack runs his tribe like a Socialist government. An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity. This is a tyrannical government. This means he has people follow every single one of his orders, and they cant reject his request.

My island government

For my own island society, i would run it as a democratic government. I believe this would be the most effective choice, is because people like to have a say in today's world. It gives more power to the people, and they feel like they have more freedom. According to "Democracy Is the Best Form of Government." people all over the world believe this is the best form of government. This is said to be true, because there's freedom, it represents the people, and better governance due to transparency.

The constitution

The constitution for my society would be very simple. 1) Government members would be elected by votes taken by the citizens. This goes for the leader, and any other government official. 2) People have a huge amount of freedom. They can do absolutely anything they please, besides murder, stealing, and anything else that could endanger another. 3) People can have a say in what they want changed. 4) Everyone besides the government, is treated equally. There is no discrimination towards race, sex, gender, size, etc... 5) Everyone would have to contribute to help survive on the island. 6) Respect everyone, no outbreaks prone to fights. 7) Obey the rules made, or be placed into a dark hole for a week. 8) Help others that need it. 9) No criticizing anyone or anything. 10) Be productive and have a part on the island.

real life historical example

A country affected by in-fighting is Israel. It began in the mid 20th century, and is still going on to this day. Egypt, Jordan, and Israels could never come to a peace agreement. Since then, there has been constant wars, and no one is ever happy. This is the ultimate failed society and form of leadership/lack of government power. The citizens are tired of everything going on, and are rebelling against there government. All the government can do now, is do riot control to tame their failed society. There are now countless casualties of citizens. The military just picks off the people rebelling, and continues dwindling the population. The land isn't even a place to live anymore. Its just one big war zone.

political conflict

A current political conflict/war going on right now is ISIS. This is a terrorist group going around killing innocent people, and are on a complete destruction path. The United States is intervening, but not much can be done as of right now. The U.S. wants to stop this group so they wont kill anymore innocent people. This terrorist group is also recruiting people from all over the world. An initial approach the U.S. has come up with, is to bomb their territory. They want to attack them from the air, rather then on ground. Strength we have is more advanced military and weapons.

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