Millbridge & DIS Robotics Sign Up

2018-2019 After School Robotics Teams

Thank you for your interest. As advertised, online registration closed after the 9/18 deadline. We are in the process of conducting the lottery and will notify parents & students by Friday 9/21. We are unable to accept any late registrations. Thank you!

Join the fun of LEGO Robotics!

Students will work in teams to build a LEGO robot, and then learn how to program their robot to work through a series of challenges!

1st Graders at Millbridge will learn all about the LEGO WeDo2.0 robotics kits and complete bee hive and waterworks challenges. 2nd Graders at Millbridge will use the LEGO WeDo2.0 robot kits to build a robot, and participate in this year's FIRST LEGO League Jr. Mission Moon challenge.

DIS students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will use the LEGO EV3 robot kits to build several different robots, and participate in the LEGO Space Challenge.

Registration Deadline is Tuesday, 9/18. If we have more registrants than available spaces, we will use a lottery system to determine participants. Registrants will be notified if they were selected in the lottery by 9/21.

After-School Sessions available at DIS

DIS Coaches are: Ms. Ragnoli, Mr. Lagay, Mrs. Perrino, and Mr. McLaughlin.

Robotics Teams will meet on Wednesdays after school, with 50 spaces on each team:

Fall Season - Wednesdays from September 26 through January 16 (no meetings on 10/10, and 12/19)

Spring Season - Wednesdays from January 23 through March 27

After-School Sessions available at Millbridge

Millbridge Coaches are Mrs. Lenguadoro and Mrs. McGonigle.

Two separate 1st Grade Teams will run in the Fall, with 25 spaces on each team:

Tuesday Team from October 2 through November 13 (no meeting on 11/6)

Thursday Team from October 4 through November 15 (no meeting on 11/8)

Two separate 2nd Grade Teams will run in the Winter/Spring, with 25 spaces on each team:

Tuesday Team from January 8 through March 12

Wednesday Team from January 9 through March 13

Lottery System

If more children sign up than available spaces, we will use a lottery system to determine participation. When you fill out the online registration form, your responses are recorded on a spreadsheet visible to the Robotics advisers & administrators. The number on the line of the spreadsheet will become your child's "lottery number." We will use the random number generator at (check it out - it's pretty neat) to randomly select students from those who registered.

Registration Deadline is Tuesday 9/18.

Please note: this form will automatically stop accepting responses on 9/18/18 at 11:55 pm.