Wrestle Gators Daily!

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Facts on Gators!!!

Aligators are a part of the Crocadilian family. There are two kinds of aligators, American, and Chinese. Aligators are reptiles that can grow up to 16 feet on average. These cold blood monsters are like solar panels. They obsorb sunlight to get energy. They camoflauge like mossy logs so that they eat birds, snakes, crawfish, fish, and snails. They can lunge out of the water half their body length, run 15 mph, and swim 24 mph.
A male gator's average size is 11.2 feet and a female gator's average size is 8.2 feet. An aligator's armor is made of stuff called "ostederms." Another funny fact is that a gators front feet have five toes, while the back feet have four toes. To tell an aligator from a crocodile, look at the teeth. An aligator's teeth will be cleaner. An aligator goes through about 3,000 teeth in a lifetime, even though a croc goes through about 80 teeth. You can tell young gators from adults by, obviosly, their size, but another way is by looking at the tail. Young gators have yellow stripes down their tail, but adults have dark green, to black stripes on their tail.
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Gator Enjoys Afternoon Swim | Gator Boys
If you are ever forced to wrestle a gator, do this: tap it gentley on the nose, this will make the gator jump forward. Back up and do it again. This one move will tire the gator, making it sleepy. Therefore, making it easier to ductape its mouth. Still, be careful while fighting a gator,DUH!!!