Time to HEAT up your Summer!

A little something for each and every one of you this month

TONS of exciting things rolling out this month

There's more that I'd like to tell you, but I've been sworn to secrecy (no, really!). BUT, this is enough to get you excited! New products, shopping karma, a sale, OH MY!

Dot Dollars (aka shopping karma)

Buy something now and you'll get something in return! For every $50 you spend in the month of June, that's $25 in Dot Dollars for you to spend in July! Yep! It's that simple and that good!

Hostess Bonus Days!

I heart Hostess Bonus Days! Host a show in June, and we will gift you an additional $50 in free product credit! My average hostess receives $250 in free accessories. This month, that will be $300 in free accessories! Woot woot! No more work for you, but more sparkle in your wardrobe!

New Product!

Can I just tell you how excited I am about the new engravable line?! Yesterday, our design team took a sneak peek of this line to Vogue and they literally took the monogrammed necklaces off their necks! If you see it in Vogue, it must be so! We are proud to announce that we will be providing the very best style, packaging, ship time, price, and quality!
And for the love of all that is good, aren't you loving the Elodie necklace in blue and green?! Perfect for those summer vacations!

Have jewels--will wear them!

How many times have I heard you lovely ladies at trunk shows tell me that you forget to wear your fabulous accessories because you have them tucked away or hidden in a drawer.... well, good news, you can now purchase our gorgeous jewelry storage and organization items via my e-boutique!Please click here to see all the jewelry display options: http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/search?q=display&s=sarahshup

Memorial Day Sale is Extended!

It was just too sweet to keep to ourselves! I am happy to let you know that if you missed the sale over the holiday weekend (cause let's be honest, it was busy for everyone!), you're not out of luck! You can still take advantage of these fabulous styles for a steal! In all honesty, I must warn you, lots of styles have sold out already! If you see something you love, act fast! It could be gone tomorrow! You can see the entire sale selection here: http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/sale/sale-all?s=sarahshup

June Trunk Show Exclusive Offers

When you shop at a trunk show this month (or online when it is under a show) and you spend just $50, you can select any (or ALL) of these Heat Wave Ready pieces at 50% off. My apologies, you can get one of each of the June TSEOs, but you cannot get more than one of each item at 50% off. And, I'll let you in on a little secret, there's an extra bonus of a free shoulder strap for the HDSDI bag, that you can still get free EVEN when purchased at 50% off through the TSEOs!

If you are felling blown away...

...from all the excitement of things coming this month, maybe we should chat! Did you know, I started Stella and Dot on a whim?! I thought I could make $100-200 a month to buy jeans and get my hair cut and Will would have no idea what it cost :)
I guess I really underestimated the potential of this company! I never thought I would have a full time income, on a part time (and from home) effort! Truly my dream job and THIS MONTH, there's even more in it for you! For the month of June, you will get an additional $100 in free product (total $450!!!). And check out this math on what it would look like to sign on as a stylist right now and sell $2000 before the end of June (that's only TWO trunk shows!)-- it's pretty insane when you think about it!
Sign on for $199 = $450 in free product
Host your own show and sell $1000 = $250 free plus extra $50 for hostess bonus days
Sell $2000 (really just an extra $1000 since you already hosted your own show) and get $200 in free product through jump start. Sell $1000 of that in first 30 days and that's your QuickStart bonus, another $100 free
And it doesn't stop there....by selling that $2000 you'll earn your sample discount coupon - Pay $99 and get $500 free
Total cost when you consider starter kit and sample discount coupon = $298
Cash commission in your pocket = $500