Newsletter Term 2, Week 7

Otautau School 18th June 2021


School Wellbeing Model Consultation

Thanks to everyone who has given us their feedback on the new model for wellbeing. There have been some great suggestions and we look forward to incorporating these into our new model. We will leave the consultation period open for another 3 weeks and it will close off at the end of the term. If you wish to give us your feedback then please click on the link below:

NZEI Paid Union Meetings

You may have heard through the media that teachers have paid union meetings next Thursday, 24 June. We have decided not to close the school during this day and some teachers will attend the meeting in the morning while others will attend in the afternoon. This will only cause a slight disruption to school operation - otherwise we will be continuing as per normal.

Bus Code of Conducts

Please can you return the bus Code of Conducts by the end of this term. We have said that if they haven’t been completed by the end of the term those students will not be able to access this service. Ian and Isobel will be given an updated list before we return in Term 3 and will drive past the gates of those who haven’t signed the agreement. If you need another copy of the agreement please contact the office. We only need one agreement per family signed.

Southland Cross Country

Well done to all those who qualified for Southland Cross Country which is being held today.

10 Years

Laura Paterson
Max Swale

11 Years

Gemma McKenzie
Kayla McFadzien
Travis Wech
Stephen Steiner

12 Years

Carter Holdaway
Aiden Montgomerie
Tyson Hollis

13 Years

Sativa Sycamore
Hannah Ingram
Jasmine Todd
Charlie Templeton
Harrison Egan
Leo Tagg
Liam Montgomerie




ROOM 8 - Celebration

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Here are our Maker Space creations and our clue writing from this week. Read our clues and see if you can guess what we are?

What am I? I am purple. I am a circle. You can find me in shops. People eat me. I start with a G. I have juice in me. I am fruit. I don’t go in freezers.

By Nevaeh Ryan-Lawson.

What am I? You can use me to get around. I can go fast. I can go a long way. I can be different colours. I have 4 wheels. I have lights. I go on roads. I can turn off and on.

By Zaedyn Turipa-Meijer.

What am I? I have 4 legs. I eat grass. I am black and white. I can run fast. I have stripes. I live in Africa. I live in big herds. I look like a horse.

By Eli Sanz.

I am black and white. I have claws. I am little. I can fly. I have little wings. I can eat fish. I eat worms. I eat McDonalds. I am a type of bird and I start with S.

By Rylan Auld.

Answers: Nevaeh’s grape, Zaedyn’s car, Eli’s Zebra and Rylan’s Seagull.



If anyone is having a clean out of their children's clothing, we could really use some bottom pieces for 5/6 year olds especially knickers, jocks, short, trousers to have as spares at school. Thanks.


Every Wednesday $2 a sausage if you would like to purchase.


Please contact the school if your child is going to be away. The easiest way is through the School App or you can phone the school office 225 8320.

If there is no reason given for a child's absence they will be marked as truant!!


Please remember to make sure your child has a vest on them when they leave home each morning. We will do the same at the end of each day before they leave to go home.

School Beanies

We have some available to purchase from the school office,

$10 each. Great for keeping the head warm over winter!

Upcoming Events

  • 25th June - School Assembly 10.30am
  • 5th-8th July - Year 7 Technology Winton
  • 9th July - School Assembly 10.30am
  • 9th July - END OF TERM
  • 26th July - TERM 3



If anyone would like to donate books to the Museum Book Sale, these can be dropped off at the Southland District Council offices.

Otautau Catholic Church

The Otautau Catholic Church has an ongoing program for Reconciliation, Confirmation and Communion. Anyone from 8 years old and above are welcome including the surrounding areas of Otautau. If keen, please send a message to Carla on 0272489206.

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