Junior Year Counselor Meeting

Planning for the future!

Hello Juniors!

The time has come to sign up for your Junior Year Counselor Meeting. This meeting is both required and essential to begin the development of your post secondary plans. We will go over your current progress at Niles North, your plans for this summer, your plans for Senior Year, and your college and career plans. So much planning! That's why I'm here to help.

Every Junior, class of 2017, needs to sign up for this meeting. Meetings will run until Mid April. Please be sure to only sign up for a meeting time during a lunch or study hall period.

If you have any questions please let me know. Before our meeting I only need you to do one thing - fill out a quick form to help us prepare for your meeting. This form is available by clicking second link below. You will also see another link for this form in the email confirmation you'll receive after making your appointment.

Sign up NOW! GO!

Step 2: Starter Kit Form

Please fill out this form after you have made your appointment. You will also see a link for this form in your appointment confirmation email.