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Shaw Montessori Newsletter - Week of January 16th, 2022

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Message From Nurse Rose
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • Shaw After-School Classes
  • Garden Update
  • Shaw PTA
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • January Meal Menu
  • Shaw Calendar
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” Dr. Martin Luther King

Greeting Shaw Montessori

From the inside, as I look around at all of the greatness developing in the form of Montessori children, Dr. King’s words hold such a powerful intention. Daily, we have the privilege of witnessing, supporting and developing the incredible helping hearts and spirits of our children.

This year, we appreciate the seen and unseen help you have offered to a “pandemic induced closed campus.” Last week, our campus received a completed outdoor kitchen, beautiful new picnic tables, garden, ODE and classroom enhancements all funded from our collective efforts. When we count our lucky stars, each of you are there!

We have seen an uptick in COVID cases campus wide this week. On Thursday afternoon we were forced to quarantine a Primary classroom that had seen a cluster of cases. Gratefully, a large majority of our cases appear to be asymptomatic while symptoms for other children appear to be mild so far. Please remember if your child has any current COVID symptoms, plan to keep them home for three days to make certain they are not COVID positive. Should you have any questions, our incredible Super Nurse Rose will be happy to answer them. (She really has had on her super nurse cape the last 2 weeks)!

This week we will hold our “Prospective Parent Meeting” both in person and by Zoom. You will see the flyer below. If you know families interested in a Montessori Education, please pass this information along.

Be well.

Principal Engdall

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Message From Nurse Rose

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Students/Staff who tested Covid positive: 25

Family members: 32

Note from the nurse - As you can see by the numbers, there have been a large number of Covid cases reported to the school this week. Please be aware most of these students who were reported to have tested positive for Covid 19 were not attending school at the time due to either:

1. having a symptom(s) of covid

2. being out on a 10 day quarantine due to close contact. Included in this number are 3 students who tested positive from our weekly Pool Testing. These students had no symptoms at time of testing. The numbers reflect what is going on in the overall community right now due to the Omicron variant. Fortunately, most children have very few symptoms and they are of short duration.

Just a reminder, for student’s out due to Close Contact, parents have the option of getting their student tested at Day 6 -7, if the test is negative, student can return at day 8 as long as student has no fever for 24 hours. If student does not get tested they will remain out for the full 10 days. As always, please report any positives to the school. FYI The District has not adopted the new CDC recommendations at this time which reduce the 10 day isolation period to 5 days.

Thanks Rose Rn 602.257.3900

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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Cell phone, Tablet, Laptop Guidelines for your Child

Having a cell phone is a privilege, not a right. Electronics can be a great thing if they are used properly.

Set clear guidelines for your child’s cell phone/social media usage

-No apps or downloads without parental consent

-Kids should not post anything that they would not be comfortable with their parents seeing on text or social media (assume all texts and posts may become public)

-Remind your child they should not be communicating with people they do not know on social media

-NEVER share any personal information online (that includes name, address, school they attend, age etc.)

-Children should know that if anything inappropriate is sent to them that they should immediately tell their parent

- Account passwords should not be shared with anyone other than a parent

Make sure you know what social media/gaming accounts your child is on and periodically monitor their accounts

Randomly monitor your child’s phone

Limit screen time- make sure your child is getting enough sleep and is not damaging their eyes due to excessive screen time

Manage your child’s safety and privacy settings

Keep phones, tablets, smartwatches and laptops in a central location at night (your kids are probably on them if they are in their rooms)

The reality is that our children are often more tech savvy then we are. They may have multiple accounts. They may have various screen names. They may be on social media after the parents have gone to sleep. We can do our best to establish these safety guidelines from an early age.


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Augustus H. Shaw Montessori After-School Classes

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Classes begin the week of January 24th and run through the week of April 18th

unless otherwise noted

Register for Chess, ABSi Spanish, Yoga and Mad Science directly with the vendor

Sign up for Homework Help Club & Practice Club in the school office

Monday: Chess Club with the Chess Emporium

Great chess players are great thinkers. The strategy and understanding that children learn from chess allows them to have higher intellect, improved self-esteem, and concentration. Chess helps them to make better decisions in all aspects of their life & most importantly children have fun while learning. Grades K-8 welcome. Class will be held in room 414 from 3:40 pm-4:40 pm. Register with Chess Emporium at

For more information see attached flyer.

Monday: Practice Club

4th-8th grade Band, Strings, and Choir students can sign up for practice club. Students can work on any music they are studying in class, work with other students, prepare for auditions, and receive assistance from Mr. Bonds. Please sign up in the front office. Class will be held in room 202. Club is from 3:50-4:50 and is FREE.

Tuesday: Mindful Minis: Yoga and Mindfulness with Miss Emily

The Mindful Minis program is created to connect children with their body, breath and mind to benefit their learning through gaining focus, clarity, stress relief and more! This 12-week program will cover an assortment of yoga poses, mindful activities, breathing techniques and various games incorporating all of the above. Miss Emily is a Certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing for more than three decades. She is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and is passionate about guiding students to becoming the best version of themselves. Mindful Minis is open to K-3rd grade. Class will run at 5 students and will be capped at 12. Please contact Miss Emily at with any questions. Students will need to provide a yoga mat. Class will be held in room 415, from 3:40pm-4:30pm.

For more information see attached flyer.

Wednesday: Seedlings & Sprouts Spanish with ABSi Spanish

The Seedling and Sprouts classes are designed for preschool-fifth grade students. Students will learn academic vocabulary (numbers, colors, animal names, etc.) and basic phrases (hola, adiós, me llamo, ¿cómo estás?) through thematic units. Children will listen to bilingual books, learn songs and chants, create art, and move around to stay engaged! *Materials will be differentiated, and classes will be split based on enrollment. Cost is $179 and materials are included. Visit to enroll. Class meets 1:40-2:40. For more information see attached flyer.

Thursday: Gadgets and Gizmos

Teach your LEGO bricks cool new tricks in the LEGO Gizmos and Gadgets after-school club! Use the LEGO we provide along with some extra supplies like marbles, balloons, rubber bands, and more to make exciting projects that are guaranteed to do something cool. Projects will “sail”, “take off”, “fly”, “catapult”, and “race”! In every class we will build a functioning model while we learn the STEM skills behind how they work and practice problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

Leave your LEGO at home; we’ll supply everything you need. No take-home projects. A parent’s guide for at-home activities will be available to interested parents. Register at Class will be held in room 415, from 3:40pm-4:30pm.

For more information see attached flyer.

Thursday: Mad Science Elementary Program

Mad Science programs spark imaginative learning when school is out! Let your child experience first-hand how much fun science can be. Mad Science class is packed with fascinating demonstrations and hands-on activities to let kids explore scientific concepts for themselves. Our curriculum correlates with AZ State Standards in Science and each class comes with an official Mad Science take-home project to keep the learning going after class. Grades K-5th. Class will be held in room 414. Register at Mad Science at and select After School Programs. Class will be held from 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm.

For more information see attached flyer.

Homework Help Club

Tuesdays OR Thursday with Ms. Church (1st -6th grade)

The cost is $75.00 payable to Shaw Montessori. Class will be held on room 427/428. 3:45-4:30. May use tax credit. Please sign up in the front office.

*Children may not be excused from afterschool classes without prior written permission from parents

For more information see attached flyer.

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Garden Update

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This week we continued building our worm habitats. We raked up mulberry leaves, pistachio leaves and other mulch items for our worms. There are now four worm habitats in our field garden. The worms arrive next week!

Our second market table was a huge success! The students assembled bouquets, picked herbs and sold leafy greens. They made nearly $130.00! These market tables will continue this semester. We will host another market table in two weeks (01/26). Same spot, Monroe St, same time, 1:30-2:15. Please bring cash! We will be selling more bouquets, herbs, eggs and leafy greens.

Our parent workday is approaching! The date is 01/29 from 9 AM until 2 PM. Please bring a shovel and/or wheelbarrow if you have one. Here is the parent volunteer link:

Our tree planting has been placed on hold until February/March. Please be wary of the holes on campus. We don’t want any accidents.

We can always use coffee grounds and can donations. Please make sure the coffee grounds have been brewed. You can pick up used grounds at Starbucks for free. NO MORE SINGLE BREW PLASTIC CUPS PLEASE! We also prefer that your cans are uncrushed (the small kiddos love this task), however, we will accept crushed cans as well. You can drop them off at the table outside of the front office entrance.

We still need your Home Depot donations. Even $25.00 is a huge contribution. Here’s the link to Home Depot gift cards:

Here’s my email:

Thanks to Nicole for helping with the market table and Lauren for setting up our parent volunteer link!

Mr. Moench

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Shaw PTA

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This month's meeting will be 100% virtual

No Site Council

Online PTA meeting starts at 6:00 PM

Zoom Info:

Meeting ID: 988 2340 2022

Passcode: 384907

Don't forget to record your attendance by clicking here.

Attending meetings counts towards your family's volunteer hours!

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Tasty Tuesday

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Hello Shaw families!

I have avoided scheduling Tasty Tuesday events because our main goal is building community and forming relationships between families at the event while share a meal together. Covid has us staying in and hunkering down. I decided to go for it this month to help support a local business with our take out orders while avoiding cooking dinner for a night. Please enjoy the delicious food at Autumn Court Chinese restaurant next week. They were a real hit last time!


Tasty Tuesday Volunteer

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January Meal Menu

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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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District Updates

Health & Safety Mitigation Plan

Covid Updates

Governing Board Agendas & Minutes

District Calendar

Meal Menus

Shaw Montessori Website

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