Roman Empire

By: Lauren Upmeyer


My project is about the Roman Empire. My 1st paragraph is about the Imperial History of Rome. It is about several emperors & rulers of Rome. My 2nd paragraph is about The Etruscan Conquest. My 3rd and final topic paragraph is about the Decline & Fall of Rome. I hope you enjoy my project.

The Imperial History of Rome

Domitian was a brutal tyrant who was murdered due to his cruelties to the Romans. Domitian was followed as an emperor by a lie of 5 rulers who brought the Empire internal harmony & careful government. Parts of a great wall that the ruler Hadrian built, are still standing today. Another ruler named Trajan was a great conquering emperor who led the Empire to reach it's greatest point. Also Tiberius, Augustuses stepson, followed Augustus as an emperor.

The Etruscan Conquest

This period of time has more reliable dates but is occaisonally mixed with myths. Before 600 BC, Rome was conqered by several Etruscan princes on the Tiber River. As a result, under the Etruscan rule Rome prospered in importance & power. Because they were under the rule of the Etruscans, impressive architectural works were constructed. Along the line of success, trade grew & by the end of the 6th century BC, Rome had become the biggest & wealthiest city which is now Italy. Finally, Tarquin was a tyrant who rejected religion

Decline & Fall

27 men were emperors from 180 to 284. The final emperor to rule a unified Roman Empire was Thedesius I. The Romans called any foreigners "Barbarians". Eventually the barbarians took over the Empire and renamed it the "Byzantine Empire". The Germanic kingdoms of the middle ages replaced the Roman Empire. But the Byzantine Empire lasted another 1,000 years.


There is much more to learn about the Roman Empire & Rome, but I couldn't fit it all in. But I hope you learned something new from my project. I learned that not a lot of emperors are very famous from paragraph 1. learned to not always trust some information about the Romans, some stuff is mixed with myths. Finally I learned that Romans called any foreigners "Barbarians". Thank You.


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