The Three Branches of Government

Isaiah Kennison

What are the Branches for? No Trees Around Here.

Leafy Summary:

The three branches of government are there to hold the United States in place. They make sure that laws are being followed and enforced, rights are kept rights and people are kept safe. The branches divide our governments power so that not one person has it all. The Three branches are the Executive, Judicial and the Legislative.

Why Founding Fathers, Why?

The Founding Fathers felt it was important to create a government that is strong but not to controlling, for they wished to lay behind them the treachery that is having a king. They needed something to protect the citizens and something to keep citizens under control. The Founding Fathers wanted to create a government off from peaceful debate rather than the usual way of war and chance. "There, i guess King John will be able to read that." (John Hancock's statement upon signing the American Declaration of Independence.)

The Executive Branch:

The President of The United States controls the Executive branch. The main purpose of the Executive branch is to enforce laws that are made by the Legislative branch properly. There are many separate departments that help with enforcement that operate under the Executive branch.

The Legislative Branch:

The Legislative branch is there in order to pass laws and serve the United States. The head of the Legislative branch is the United States Congress, the U.S Congress is split into two different groups that have power over different things. The first group is the Senate and the other is the House of Representatives. Without this branch we may not have organized laws.

The Judicial Branch:

The Judicial Branch, in my opinion the most important; for this is where justice and your rights come into play. The purpose for this branch is to provide a just trial for any man, regardless of his race, religion, ethnicity and other biases. The function of the Judicial branch is to interpret laws and then determine whether or not they have been violated. The most basic representation of the Judicial branch is a court house.