Serial Killers

By: Josue Cardenas

Dean Arnold Corall

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Born Dean Arnold Corall born December 24,1939 In Fort Wayne, Indiana

His parents divorced twice

His dad was strict resorting to harsh punishments for the smallest infractions and his mom overprotective

no contribution to his crimes

Dean did not exhibit any behaviors such as an obsession to start fires or animal cruelty at an unacceptable age.


He graduated from high school and moved on to serve in the army.

Work History

He was a radio repairman for the army in Fort Hood,Texas we he first showed signs of homosexuality later discharged on June 11,1965 to return to Houston as vice president of his families candy business. When the factory closed in June 1968 after the failure of his mothers third marriage and move to Colorado He took a job as an electrician at the Houston lighting and power company.

Before the murders

He had no criminal record before the murders . He lived alone in his apartment in Houston and was a pretty average guy other than that he had a sexual relationship with a 12 year old male David Brooks.


he was healthy with no mental conditions and only 1 physical condition which was a heart condition he acquired as a child

The first strike

Corll would use Brooks and Henley as procurers,offering $200 per head for fresh victims.The first victim was college student from the University of Texas Jeffrey Konen picked up while hitchhiking. He was lured in to his home with the promise of drugs and alcohol .Uncertain of the date Corll's accomplice David Brooks said it was around the mid 1970"s .


The total count goes to 27 teenagers around the ages of 13 to 20 by strangulation or shooting.Most victims were drawn from a seedy Houston Neighborhood known as the heights because they would be ignored by police because of constant runaways.He did not admit to anything because he was shot and killed by one his accomplices Elmer Henley.

Killer signature

He was an organized killer because he knew where to get his victims and how to kill them. He was a homosexual rapist and mutilation .He was a serial killer and did not leave a signature at the crime scenes.


He was not captured nor put on trial because he was killed during one of his glue sniffing parties.
Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr. & Dean Corll documentary clip

Vladislav Volkovich "The nighttime killer"

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Born on 1967 in Kiev,Ukraine

one of a pair of twins

grew up in uneventful home with no reported instances of abuse or aggression

lived in poverty so he always looked for ways to get money but did not want a full time job

no abnormal behavior that indicated he was aggressive


no reported education


Murdered around 16 people 15 men and 1 women

Motivation and first time kill

Both of them discussed becoming contract killers thinking that it would be the perfect job for them. so they decided to practice on homeless people first. They killed at least 5 before risking to attack a more dangerous target. They tried killing car owners since owning a car in the soviet union was a luxury but had no success gaining money because the owners had little to none and selling the vehicle was difficult. Both men including Vladislav Volkovich admitted that they enjoyed killing by itself and continued killing even if it had no financial gain.

Most victims were shot with a .22 sporting rifle and stabbed or bludgeoned with a variety of weapons ranging from stitching awls to bricks and iron bars.

criminal record before the killings

no record what so ever


He had no mental issues that indicated he was insane and had no physical issues either.


no signature


Five murders had been tied to a .22 killings with a total of 11 victims

crime scene photography from the Bykov crime scene had image of a person matching a suspects description.

survaillance on a street block where the Bykov and Gromov murders took place located Kondratenko loitering with another man Vladislav Volkovich

the two men were later ordered to be detained

once detained both confessed to over 20 murders as well as numerous robberies,carjackings and burglaries.


Volkovich stated that "they were nothing to me, not people, just items in a list". He then added that murders became like a drug to him. The only victim he expressed any regret over was their last, the woman he accidentally hit while drunk driving,and the only known female victim. He was sentenced to life in prison since the death penalty was abolished in the Ukraine