Inez Beverly Prosser

First black female psychologist

A New Beginning

Inez Beverly Prosser was born on December 30th around 1895 in Texas; the exact year of her birth being unknown. Prosser was the first daughter of 11 children. Her father, Samuel Andrew Beverly, worked as a waiter and her mother, Veola Hamilton, worked as a homemaker. The family moved several times when the children were young, first in 1900 to Yoakum in the south of Texas and then in 1907 to Corpus Christi, along the Gulf Coast. Prosser and her older brother, Leon, returned to Yoakum in 1908 in order to attend high school.


  • Graduating with a master of arts degree and later on got her PhD in psychology in 1927 (first African American to do so)
  • She also studied African American children in integrated and segregated schools with testing children with behavior and success levels.
  • Her studies on the effects of racial inequality and the mental health of African American children.

Her life

Why I care

The reason why I went chose Inez B.Prosser is because she was a strong black woman who went and got a education in spit the world she was living in at the time. She wanted to help African American children nobody had faith in. So in closing I inspire to be like Prosser to help children of all race for me and them to make a difference.