Covenant House SMORE

Alyssa Gholston

About Covenant House

The Covenant House Charity is one that is devoted to helping children get off the streets. They provide shelter, food, and other basic needs to children and teenagers all across the USA. The Covenant House provides immediate help and care for those who need it. The shelter works constantly to ensure the health of the young people faced with hardship. It is more than just a homeless shelter, it serves as a lifeline to thousands of kids. 2 million youths experience a period of homelessness, and every year more than 5 thousand children die on the streets.
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Reasons to Support

Children have their whole lives ahead of them, but many of them are already fighting for their lives. Many of them are on the streets due to abuse and human trafficking, and are runaways. The Covenant House has helped thousands of people pull their lives together. It gives them another chance. The streets are a brutal place, and millions of kids are subjected to harsh winters and starvation. This charity serves as a way to help those without a voice.

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