Abigail Adams

One of America's fighter for a change in the society.

Her childhood, family, and adulthood were a big role in her life.

  • Abigail's parents were Elizabeth Qunicy Smith (mother) and William Smith (father). She has two sisters and one brother Besty, Mary, and Billy.
  • When she was young she got sick very easily. At a young age she also became good friends with Mery otis warren.
  • Her family and her are very religious , for example she was related to Thomas Sheppard and other ministers.
  • Abigail loved reading books from William Shakespeare and from John Milton.
  • she got married at the age of 19 to her third cousin John Adams . They both had six children and one stillborn child.

Abigail did not have the same education like we all do now.

  • Abigail did not have a great education, since she was a girl in the past only only the men wold have good education. While her brother went to school her sisters and her were taught by their mother and grandmother at their house. Therefore they did not have good education they would learn even more by reading books and letters. It was hard for Abby to at least go to a public school due to her poor health. Abby had very little education; and with little education she was able to change the world.

Important life events that effected Abigail Adams.

  • The first thin g that changed baby's life was loosing her child stillborn (nabby), it was a very difficult chapter in her life.
  • Around the 1700's to 1800's Abigail increased the women' rights to vote in the new born country.
  • Around the 1800's Abby showed an act of bravery in Boston harbor.
  • At that time the onion army was defenseless ;therefore Abby supplied the army with anything tools she could find around her house.
  • she even made bullets for them. She also had help from her children.

She left this world with accomplishments and a big legacy.

  • As we all know left a huge legacy behind with us, which changed everything in society.
  • We all know her for giving the women the right to vote she did everything in her hands, so the women can be equal with men. "Remember the women" said by Abigail Adams.
  • She also change the battle of Boston harbor by showing an act of bravery and loyalty, which meant a lot in the past, a women standing up for her country but also by the slaves.
  • Yes, Abigail was against slavery especially when slavery was Common in her time she stood by them no matter what.
  • By showing that she will stand by her country and even against it, if any needs necessary. She will protect those who don't have a voice in this world.

Interesting facts you did not know about Abigail Adams.

  • Abigail was the mother of John Quincy Adams the 6th president of the united states (new born country).
  • Mrs. Adams's nickname, after getting married with john was "Mrs. president" and " her majesty."
  • Mrs. Adams would always stand with the people who had no voice and a lack of power over the country.
  • Her letters to her husband and her dairies are kept in a museum, because it played a huge role in history and in what she always believed in.
  • Between 1762 through 1801 approximately 1,100 letters were sent between Mr. and Mrs. Adams.

What motivated/ contributed to Abigail Adams to do what she did.

  • One of the major contribution was a British novelist who wrote about one's personal identity, marriage and the role of educated women named Samuel Richardson. She was impressed, and also admired his work. She even called him "master of human hart." Also one of her old friend Mery Otis Warren was also against slavery and for women's rights. Mery pushed Abigail to fight 100% for what she believed was right. An other person that contributed was one of her ancestor who signed the Magna Carta. In which stated that the new nation has gained their independence from Britain. which probably made her thin, if this is a new nation it should be differ from her old home. Therefore women and slaves should be treated differently