Electric Cars

Electric Cars Are Awesome


Hello readers! Do you want to know what electric cars are? Electric cars are cars that are powered by electricity. There is also a kind of car called hybrid cars, but hybrid cars are powered by gas and electricity. There are a lot of electric car brands and cool facts about electric cars in this. If you want to find out the Range,the charging, the types, brands of electric cars, who invented electric cars and more, I recommend you read this.

Who Invented Electric Cars?

Electric cars were first made in the 19th century People are not sure who was the real inventor of electric cars, but Ányos Jedlik made the first working electric motor, and made a small model powered by his motor.

Are electric cars better for the earth?

Electric cars don’t make pollution like gasoline cars, and pollution is bad for the earth and the air.

In america people use nearly 400 million gallons of gas every day, but not just for cars. Just California use about 40 million gas per day.

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Brands of electric cars

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Electric cars spend a lot of time charging.They have an electric battery that you can recharge when the battery is almost empty. Electric cars have places to charge like some malls might have electric car charger, some gas stations might have, parking places might have. But sometimes you can just plug it in the wall and charge it. Electric cars usually take one night to charge. Electric car electricity is made from fuel cells or coal fired.


Range is how long a car can go with a full charge until empty charge.The range of electric cars are pretty short. But the Nissan Leaf electric car has a nine range, So that means it can go up to about 107 miles after every charge. The range of a electric car depends on what kind of battery it has. So if you had a nissan leaf for a long time the battery might not be as good as it was in new, so the range gets smaller.


There are more than one type of electric cars, here are two kinds. There are fully electric cars. Those cars only use electricity to move. There sometimes called BEV’s

The B stands for Battery, E= Electric, V= Vehicle

Examples of BEV’s


BMW i3




There are also hybrid electric cars, They’re sometimes called PHEV’s,


Examples of PHEV’s




Electric car parts

Electric cars have batteries to move. But gasoline cars have a battery too, but they don’t use it for moving, they use it for the lights, the music, CD, the heating system and other stuff. Some electric special kinds of electric cars have a solar one the roof. So it can make electricity by the light of sun. Cheaper electric car use lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries are cheaper and they don’t last very long. The three most important parts of a electric cat are electric motor, electric battery and the controls.


Electric cars are AWESOME! , they are good for the earth. But if you buy one you might want a gasoline car, because electric cars range is not very long, and charging takes a little long.

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