5th Grade News

January 5-15, 2016


Important Dates

Thursday, January 7: MLK Service during G Day Chapel (2:10 pm)

Looking Ahead:

January 14 & 15: Step Up to 6th Grade (students only, 1:40 pm- 2:10 pm)

Monday, January 18: MLK Day (no school)

Sunday, January 14: LS/MS Band & Orchestra Concert

Thursday, March 24: 5th Grade Field trip to San Antonio

Monday, April 4: 5th Grade Theater Play (7:00 pm)

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

Students will finish reading Walk Two Moons, and revise and edit drafts for Portfolio 2. There will be an assessment on Monday, January 11 covering Unit 2 Vocabulary, Walk Two Moons, and a cumulative review of grammar concepts. Mrs. Pound will continue to administer reading level assessments. The results will be on the Q2 report card.


Students will be investigating various strategies to help them explain decimal placement in products and quotients. They will also be completing their work with the "Perplexing Paula Pocket" challenge. Students will have the opportunity to share their strategies for this complex problem and reflect on their discoveries. In the coming weeks, students will be introduced to a variety of math games meant to elicit critical thinking, problem-solving, and encourage perseverance.

Social Studies:

Students have conducted in-class research and have written more than half of their Ancient Egypt research paper. This week and next, students will be adding one more section, pictures with captions, and a bibliography. You will be amazed by their learning!


Students are in their last rotations of Life Science this quarter. Highlights of learning experiences include research in contemporary environmental issues, using microscopes to learn about photosynthesis, and learning about food chains.


Vivo o no vivo? Alive or not alive? That was the question as students wrote and starred in their all-Spanish skits about great tragedy and survival in the modern world :)

In celebration of the Roman festival of Saturnalia, the 5th graders played "mola," a strategy-based board game from Ancient Rome. They had a great time working through different strategies to get three in a row while celebrating the Roman Festival of Lights.

Focus on the Arts

5th Grade Celebrates the holiday season!