Flaa's Monday Memo

May 14, 2018


I received a note of thanks this week because our coaches and band director worked together to make sure a student could both participate in a band competition and play baseball on the same day. This act is a testament to our commitment to doing what is RIGHT for kids. We want our students to experience all they can while in high school and working together to make that happen will only build the well-rounded student we all want to see graduate from Sanger High School. I know sometimes things just won't work out but I commend you for always working together!

POWERFUL TWEETS by @ SteeleThoughts

"Do something each day to move in the direction of your dreams. Learn something new. Take a risk. Rise above a mistake. Build your capacity for making a difference."

"Being inspired is important. It fuels your passion and maximizes your impact. It generates the energy that those around you find compelling. So...figure out what inspires you...and run with it!"


We thought it would be fun to collect faculty and staff senior pictures to share with our seniors. We may make it a "guess who game" or create a slide show. If you would like to be included, please send your senior picture or a photo of you from high school to Andie by Wednesday.

Nuts & Bolts

  • The library will be closed Monday and Tuesday during 1,3,5,7 and Wednesday and Thursday during 2,4,6,8 except for Seniors who are exempt and students who are quickly turing in a library book. SENIORS WILL NEED A TICKET TO GET INTO THE LIBRARY. PICK UP TICKET FROM ANDIE...

  • TICKET COLORS ARE: Monday - Orange; Tuesday - Salmon; Wednesday - Red; Thursday - Pink

  • INVENTORY - Please get your inventory completed for Mr. Brown ASAP.

  • Lesson Plans - No plans due for the week of May 21st.

Upcoming Events

May 14

  • Freshman Candidate Speeches during 2nd period in Auditorium
  • Senior Finals (1,3,5,7)
  • Tennis Banquet, 6pm, BES

May 15

  • Sophomore Candidate Speeches during 2nd period in Auditorium
  • AP Calculus Test
  • Senior Finals (1,3,5,7)
  • Golf Banquet, 6pm, Robson Ranch

May 16

  • College Signing Day @ 7:30am, Lecture Hall
  • AP Language Arts Test
  • Junior Candidate Speeches during 2nd period in Auditorium
  • Senior Finals (2,4,6,8)
  • Board Meeting @ 6pm

May 17

  • Senior Finals (2,4,6,8)
  • AP History Test
  • Senior Night @ 6pm

May 18

  • Senior Picture, Senior Walk
  • Perfect Attendance Lunch w/Principals, 12pm
  • Band Banquet, 7pm @ Bolivar Baptist Church
  • Track Banquet, 6:30pm @ SHS