Travel to the Nile!

Take a trip to in Africa down the lovely Nile River!

Much to see here!

Welcome to the Nile! Here you will find many things that can interest you, or relax your shoulders! Lake Tana, for one! Lake Tana is a crystal blue lake, the source of the Blue Nile itself! This lake has streams that feed the Blue Nile, a fast, rapid moving lake! (Yes, the Blue Nile, not the Nile. The Nile has two parts, the Blue Nile, and the White Nile)

Other than Lake Tana, you could visit another lake! Lake Victoria! Lake Victoria is the source of the one and only White Nile! Lake Victoria has an interesting history. Lake Victoria was first named as "yes, it is the White Nile's source" by John Speke, an English explorer. This was doubted by many, many people and scholars. But, in the end, they decided that yes, Lake Victoria IS the source of the White Nile.

On your expedition down the Nile, you'll also see the Aswan High Dam. The Aswan High Dam is a hydroelectric dam. A hydroelectric dam is a dam that creates hydroelectric power without polluting the water. They also have turbines. When you're at the Aswan High Dam, the turbines will be something cool to take your overly annoying family to see! Win win!

The last thing I'll tell you about is the Arid Landscape! The Arid Landscapes is a patch of sun burnt land, to put it in a fun way! It's hot, rocky, and dusty! Located just east of the Sahara desert, this land is home to very few people. Also, did I mention this is located just west of the Nubian Desert? So it's very dry!

Those are only a few of the things you get to see when you come to the Nile Rivers! Your tours along the White and Blue Nile will make more memories than your first birthday party! So come along! Allons-y, or in English, "Let's go"!

Some Pictures of What You Can See!!!!!

The Beautiful Nile River, and What To See Around It

The Blue Nile

This is the Blue Nile River! Isn't it beautiful?

The White Nile

To wrap it all up, this, my friends, is the White Nile. Extravagant, wouldn't you say?