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Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 5 September

Welcome Back! The Department of Professional Learning and Development is excited to continue to provide support through our quarterly ProGOE newsletter.
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Finalizing Pre-Planning PD

We are almost completing our first month of school, and it is time to make sure all of our Pre Planning PD has been entered into ProGOE. Most schools would have three major trainings to enter. Orientation, August 2020 PDD Tools for Enhancing Blended Learning and the additional PD provided to faculty. The third PD may have been Trauma Awareness and Building Resilience or could have even been a school created PD. Regardless, it is time to get those points into ProGOE. Teachers renewing in 2021 are already starting to look at their transcripts. Some teachers may be short on points, and the pre-planning PD points will be important for their renewal.

There have been several questions about how to finalize "online learning" when there is no sign in sheet. So here is a quick fix for documenting your participants. Once you have awarded all of the credit for teachers who have turned in an implementation plan, make sure to go back and remove anyone that was registered, but did not complete the implementation. Normally we would not remove participants, but it is acceptable to do so for online trainings. You can remove them over to the left of their name using the ACTIONS pulldown. Once the roster is only showing those who completed and received credit, you will go up to the top of the roster and in the white space RIGHT CLICK, then you will select PRINT. I would recommend printing it out in landscape. You will want to sign the top, write the date you recorded the credits, and then write ONLINE TRAINING at the top. You would keep all of the implementation plans, along with the coversheet for the next FIVE YEARS. Below you will find a short video tutorial on how to handle online training.

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Anyone who took PD this summer, outside of BPS, would need to submit their requests for inservice credit no later than November 30, 2020. Please forward these instructions to your teachers. This provides step by step directions for completing their request to receive in service credits for attending an outside conference or workshop.

ProGOE Training/Refresh Your Skills

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DId you know ProGOE training for school site personnel is now being offered online and on demand? All Principals and Assistant Principals should be trained in the use and management of ProGOE. In addition, all schools should have a "Site In service Representative" that assists in course creation, managing registrations and assigning points for teachers. At most of our elementary schools it is the school secretary, and at our secondary schools someone the principal has selected (media specialist, TOA, etc.) If you have someone in need of training, they can register through ProGOE by going to Course#16986.


Do you have someone new on your staff that may need training? For those who work at ESF, we have face to face training for using the ProGOE system. Anyone who plans and delivers professional development should be trained in the use of ProGOE. Registrants can search in ProGOE for course# 10509. The next training is scheduled for November 10, 2020.

Anyone who needs assistance prior to training can contact Lynnette Thorstensen at ext. 11175 or in the Department of Professional Learning and Development.

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Many of our teachers are looking for opportunities to earn SWD Credit. Here are a couple of ways to earn that credit:

  1. We have a wonderful BPS online course called "Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom". This is a 20 credit course, taught through Blackboard Ultra, and instructed by our very own Janean Knight. The ProGOE course# is 17084. The next course is set to begin on October 19, 2020, so make sure to get registered as soon as possible.
  2. Through the BEESS Portal teachers can access courses through Professional Development Alternatives or PDA. There are both facilitated and non facilitated courses that can be taken to provide the required SWD points. This site is rich with PD offerings. There are several facilitated courses starting in October

Professional Learning Library App On Launchpad

Now that you know about our professional learning library , did you know the app is on your Launchpad? When you sign into Launchpad you will see the app. Click and go! Remember the ID information is brevard

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How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript

Who Can I Call for ProGOE Issues?

ProGOE is a multi tiered system used for tracking of professional development, registration of PD, and evaluation. Question pertaining to PD records, school in-service proposals, transcripts, etc. would be answered in Professional Learning and Development. Itzel Copley or Lynnette Thorstensen would be your resources.

If you have questions about evaluation plans, those would go to Shannon Alvarez. She works in Human Resources as an Information System Analyst. She monitors all of the plans for the district and works with schools to make sure evaluations are being done correctly.

For any issues with signing into ProGOE you would call the BPS Help Desk