Figurative Language

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Definition - Onomatopoiea is a form of figurative language that represents a sound. For example, SPLAT! represents something like a pancake on a plate.

Example - The windsurfer went WHOOSH! as she surfed across the ocean.
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Definition - Personification is the way you can give an inanimate object a feeling or a personality. They're in a lot of films and books.

Example - The teacup was grossed out when the woman sipped from it.
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Definition - The use of the same letter for every or almost every word in a sentence.

Example - Elderly emerald emus exile evil elephants while executing edgy eggs.
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Idioms and Cliches

Definition - An idiom is a figure of speech that means something that has nothing to do with the actual wordss. A cliche is somehing that's funny becuase it has two things compared in a unique way.
Example -
Idiom: Don't judge a book by it's cover (don't judge things by first impressions.)
Example: I was told I was smart. I then told them about evoloution.
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Similes and Metaphors

Definition - A simile is two things compared using like or as.

Example - The fox was as clever as a mathematician.

Definition - A metaphor is a figure of speech comparing two things WITHOUT like or as.

Example: - Green is the tea I drink with care.
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Definition - Hyperboles use the power of exaggeration to describe things.

Example - Jessica bought a bag so expensive she traded in 30 houses for it.
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