Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics

Early life

Gregor Mendel was born on July 22, 1822 in Heinzendorf Austria. He was a poor farmer growing up. He then grew up and went to the university of Vienna. He went to school for teaching and failed his test 5 times. But he had top marks in math and science. He then went to the monastery in Brno, that is where he became well known.

Experimental Design

How many different forms would result from the random fertilization of 2 kinds of pea plants. When he first started he only knew 2 things about genetics. He presented his findings in two lectures.


round-5,474 Angular-1,850

green-428 Yellow 152

Long-787 short 277

The Recessive is less dominate.

When he crossed plants that always produces yellow peas with plants that always had green peas, all the new plants had yellow seeds. The yellow was Dominate and the green was recessive. Dominate will always show over recessive.


The scientists didn't think it was right so they didn't care until after he was dead, and he actually was right On this experiment.


Mendel brought the experiment “Pea Plants” here and he taught us about hybrid plants, Which led us to believe the same for humans. Of all the 8,023 peas he harvested and counted, 6,022 were yellow and the 2,001 were green.