New York, New York!

Where else would you want to be?

What makes it New York?

  • Previously named New Amsterdam and newly named New York in the Honor of Duke of York, New York presents many opportunities for every person as people of New York are majorly tolerant. We welcome any religious groups!
  • New York is a people of various backgrounds, mainly consisting of Dutch and British settlers. Historically, the land had been owned by first by the Swedes, then the Dutch and now by the British.
  • Why had they come? We are filled to the brim with trade and profit. Our land is full of valuable natural resources such good farmlands that are very forgiving, timbers, furs and coal. Iron ore is one of our special exports and resources for important tools in agriculture.

Location, Location, Location

  • We are accessible to various other settlements as we hold Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south, and Massachusetts and Connecticut to the east.
  • We have various landscapes all gathered in our lovely colony which include mountains in the northeast, lowlands around Lake Ontario facing north. Most importantly, we are close to the Atlantic with major ports on the east.
  • Not only are these landscapes lovely, they are very productive and opportunity can be found anywhere. The ports of the east provide a medium of major trade and market while the fertile farmlands provide great amount of wheat cultivation. We are quite literally the "breadwinners" of the Americas!
  • We have other specialties such as textile production and shipbuilding.

Our Brief History and Foundational Beliefs

In the year of 1638, Peter Minuit led on the Swedes to form a new colony

Peter had set the foundation for success as he purchased the land from Native Americans and promptly set up a large settlement. There was peace in the settlement with the Red Indians.

Peter Stuyvesant, part of the West Dutch India Company, became the governor of the previous New Netherlands in 1646, later to take on the Swedes and take possession of their lands. Finally, in 1664, the Dutch lost control of the land and the British named the land New York.

We were first given a form of self-government by our Duke of York but since 1685, we have been a royal colony ruled by the power of the selected royal governor.

We believe in a mixed culture society and promote religions of every kind, currently including Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and many others. This is what sets us apart from those in the north or the south.