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Getting the Most out of Google Keep


This past Monday as I was putting the finishing touches on the Sudlow yearbook, I got thinking, as I usually do, about how the process could be improved for next year. The thought occurred to me that I could easily use Google Keep to organize tasks, create lists, and save images quickly. I wrote an introductory post about it last year, but there have been some terrific updates since. However, it isn't just me who can benefit from this tool. Students, educators, and even administrators may find some use out of it.

What is Google Keep?

If you're a post-it or to-do list person, then Google Keep is just the tool for you! This is a multi-platform app that allows you to create lists, reminders, or save images. They have even updated it for you to draw a note using the Drawing tool. The added benefits are the ability to color code your notes and even share notes just as you would a Google Doc, creating a collaborative to-do list. This is the type of shift that would aid the yearbook process, or any major project.

Google Keep Now in Google Docs

A neat update that Google recently released is the ability to add a Google Keep note or image directly into a Google Doc. To do this, head up to the Tools tab and hover until you see "Keep Notepad." This will bring up a list of your items in Google Keep. With a simple drag and drop, they are now inserted into a Doc. When might you use this in a classroom setting? If a student has several notes for a massive project or research paper, this has been suggested as a wonderful method to use. Or, students could create a Keep of all of the sources they used, then drag them into the essay when they use a piece of information from that source. This would make it a lot more efficient by not having to type the source each time.

Google Keep on the Go

There are a few options to have Keep with you wherever you are. There is a really nice Keep Extension to Chrome. Imagine seeing a website or picture that you want to save. Having the extension enabled would allow you to click directly from the website, create a Keep, and then have that resource with you no matter which platform you're on. Additionally, there is a Google Keep app that you can have in the palm of your hands. The best part of all of this is that since you can have Keep in so many locations, no matter which device you're using, your notes and resources are always with you and able to be used, no matter which task you're wanting to accomplish!

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