"A Christmas Carol" Backround

Annamarie Leesabet Faszholz

Charles Dickens

  • Charles Dickens believed he did not marry the correct woman, he later left Catherine
  • Charles Dickens wrote 15 books in total 18 from 1836-1870
  • When his wife's sister, Mary died he wanted to be buried next to her
  • Dickens most autobiographical novel was "David Copperfield"

Child Labor

  • Child labor was common because poor children tried to earn money for their families or orphans tried to get a little cash to live off of
  • Even though congress passed many laws, child labor is still going on
  • Some examples of child "slavery" is picking cotton or coal mining
  • Some children were extremely injured or worked to death

Industrial Revolution

  • The Industrial Revolution was an event in time where many things were created
  • Some examples are the sewing machine, cement, and metallurgy
  • The Industrial Revolution lasted between the 18-19 century
  • It influenced transit, communication, and banking

Victorian Era

  • During Queen Victoria's reign
  • Horrible health practices
  • June 1837-January 1901
  • Old fashioned, dressy clothes