Sun Safety

Protect yourself before you damage yourself

Why is the sun so harmful?

Sun safety is crucial to maintaining healthy skin, and the harmful rays from the sun can harm your skin in many ways. First you can get skin cancer, sun burns, sun poisening and it can even weaken your immune system and cause sun spots and wrinkles on our skin. Although sun can be good for you, too much can be dangerous.

How can you prevent sun damage?

All skin types can be damaged by too much sun. The sun can always damage your skin, up to 80% of the suns rays can get through clouds. Wear SPF 15 or higher, reapply according to the bottles instructions. Use sunscreen the right way, all uncovered skin especially lips, ears, forehead, feet hands and neck. The sun is most harsh between 10am and 4pm. Also wear a hat and sunglasses for even more protection.
The ABCs of Sun Protection