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How Can I Get The Disease

Tay-Sachs is caused by the lack of hexosaminidase which is a protein that breaks down a chemical found in nerve tissue called ganglisides. It is also caused by a defective gene on chromosome 15. When both parents carry the defective gene, a child has a 25 percent chance of getting Tay-Sachs. The disease is most common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population.


May Include All of The Following...

Deafness, Decreased eye contact, blindness, Decreased Muscle tone (loss of muscle strength), Delayed mental and social skills, Dementia, Increased startle reaction, Irritability, Listlessness, Loss of motor skills, Paralysis or loss of muscle function, Seizures, Slow growth

Treatment and Prevention

There is no treatment for Tay-Sachs, only ways to make the person more comfortable. You cannot prevent te disease either. There are tests that detect if you are a carrier of the disease.