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February 1, 2015

The View From the Parking Lot

The car line and the parking lot can be a source of tremendous headaches for principals. We can spend so much time and energy on our school day (and the subsequent activities) that we can forget that for many people, the car line and the parking lot are their daily encounter with your school. What is the message you are sending?

For high schools, the parking lot and the parking/driving behavior of students drivers is the issue. There is never enough parking and there is usually immature driving. Therefore, our neighbors are likely to be inconvenienced, annoyed, and even angry. Are you reaching out to your neighbors? Imagine the message it sends to the neighbors if you do reach out by giving them a calendar of school events and perhaps a token of appreciation like what they do at Loyola-Sacred Heart in Missoula.

In elementary schools, your very customers are suffering the inconveniences of the car line. How long is the typical wait? Is there a smooth process? Is your parking lot safe from other cars and ice? If your parking lot and car line are disorganized and unsafe--what are the messages you are sending to your parents?

Daily, your customers are coming away with an impression of your school. Is it a good one?

Dr. Tim Uhl

The Week Ahead

Monday: Office day (Helena)

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Wednesday: Missoula meetings

Thursday: De La Salle Blackfeet Academy visit (Browning)

Friday: DLSB (cont)

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  1. All elementary schools who have received their WCEA accreditation before this year will be asked to fill out the annual report and turn in by June 1st. The document will be up on the website under the accreditation tab.
  2. I'd like to place a "job openings" tab on the website. When you become aware of job openings, please send them along.

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