Bryanna B3


Physical properties

  • melting point: -100.98 degrees C
  • boiling point: -34.6 degrees C
  • greenish yellow color
  • density of 3.214 g/l
  • at room temp it is a gas

Chemical properties

  • burns skin
  • irritates respiratory and mucous membranes
  • breathing in a concentration of 1000 ppm is fatal
  • used in organic chemical reactions
  • in substitutions with hydrogen
  • high and low pressure it can be red to clear
  • mostly found in NaCl form


  • discovered in Sweden
  • doesn't occur naturally
  • found in the chlorine ion as salt
  • in seawater


  • disinfecting water
  • production of textiles and paper products
  • has been used as a chemical warfare agent

Common compounds

  • NaCl

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