Genius Bar Update


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Genius Bar Now Open

The genius bar is now open at both high schools. Students, teachers, and staff members can reserve an appointment with a genius on both the staff and student technology support sites.

An email will be send out to the students and staff today explaining how to reserve an appointment and where to go for support.

Genius Bar Haiku Course is Live

The genius bar Haiku course is now live. All geniuses must complete the Haiku course by October 31st. The course covers scheduling, assigning tech tickets, completing app reviews, and will serve as a place to post content for our future meetings.

You should be enrolled in the course as of this afternoon.

*To complete the course, you will need to submit the final "Genius Practicum" and submit your code to claim the "WMRHSD Genius" badge.

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If you haven't done so already, please sign up for remind. We will be using remind for communication throughout the school year.

Go to, create an account and enter one of the following codes:

Mendham: wmmgenius, Central: wmcgenius