Judi Quinn will show you how...

Hi there,

Have you hit a wall of mortgage rejections?

Have your mortgage applications been denied, because you don’t fit into a narrow list of criteria?

Does common sense dictate that you would have no problem making the mortgage payments?

There's an Old Irish saying: You’ve got to “Think Lucky.”

“If you fall into a mudhole, check your back pocket – you might have caught a fish.”

Now you can do more than “Think Lucky” about loan approval, you can “Get Lucky” with my help.

I have a boatload of new innovative options that will increase your chances of getting “Approved!”

Try these on for size:

- I can base “income” on bank statements or assets

- I can accept higher “debt to income ratios” and lower credit score requirements

- I can originate mortgages with “Interest Only” payments for up to 10 years

- I can structure a purchase with low as 3% down (even Florida condos)

- I can get you CASH out of your home with NO mortgage payments (clients over 62)

... and MORE!

See what a first time homebuyer had to say:

Judi has shown nothing but knowledgeable and proficient work ethic. I unfortunately required roughly 15 or so prequalification letters due to the grueling market and with every new property, Judi produced individualized and timely documents. Judi Quinn is a machine and I do not think she sleeps at night!

If you've been LUCKY to work with me...

...and you know someone who could use my HELP. Please send me their contact information or connect us via email.

Thank you!

Judi Quinn

Licensed Loan Originator

NMLS # 373886

Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc.

Licensed Mortgage Lender

NMLS # 166254

Division of K & B Capital Corp

Let me lead you to YOUR pot of GOLD!

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