We Don't Know The Full Effect

What Is The Full Effect

GMOs are made by recombinant DNA Technology ,and reproductive Cloning. In cloning the the nucleus is extracted and is cloned and placed into a host egg. In 1994 GMOs were approved for humans in the US. By 2014 90% of corn cotton and soybeans are GMOs. In 2010 GMOs covered ( 3.68 million square miles ) the majority of GMOs are grown in the US. GMOs can decrease insecticides. The thing is we don't know how this will fully effect us in the future. Who knows we could become green!

The Round Up Process

The Round up process has become a mess because the chemical that kills the bugs does not wash of so when the plant is harvested the chemical is on it. This also genetically modified seeds which turn into plants. Glyphosate-resistant crops (the crops in the round up process) where you can spray crops with herbicide Glyphosate , which is a weed killer, and the plants will not die. Also when scientists were discovering this process they were sharing their findings immediately. Without going through the process of verification. Therefore WE DON'T KNOW THE LONG TERM EFFECTS. This be either be a okay thing or a VERY VERY VERY bad thing. Which is what it most likely is.

The Public Wants GMOs To Be Labeled

In Colorado and Oregon they are deciding whenever to label GMO's , but attempts to label GMOs in California and Washington have failed. There are people who want more info on what they are eating. There have been panels and some have come out no and some yes. Some scientist say that there are no adverse health effects from eating GMO's.The public is trying to get people to vote FOR labeling GMO's by using money to buy commercials and the food companies have tried to stop it. The public has spent 6 million dollars . The food companies have spent 17 million to try to stop the public. some of the main donors are Grocery manufactures association. Making sure we know what we are eating is important and this victory will get us one step closer to that goal. 64 countries have adopted HMO-labeling rules. 26 have somewhat bans GMOs. These are France,India , and mexico. the GMO seed , NK.603, was feed to rats and their liver and kidney was damaged. Rats also drank water with roundup in it and got tumors. Then the California's proposition 27 was overtaken last November. when companies spent a lot of money especially Monsanto to quite it. The protest has been said to be misleading but the FDA never thought that.46.9 % voted for Labeling GMOs. 66% of Americans want to label GMOs.

Final Statement

We have no Idea how these GMOs will effect us in the future. There is no research proving its safe. Even if it is safe they need to label the food GMO or not because the public wants to know. There have been hundred protest. But even then we could end up glowing green in 200 years.
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