Room 603 Update

February 9, 2016

Here's another look into our classroom!

Next 2 Weeks at a Glance:

What We're Studying:

  • Language Arts - New ELA Curriculum! Technology unit focusing on Author's Purpose
  • Math - Unit 4: Fractions
  • Writing - Narrative Writing - Personal Narrative
  • Science - Solar System
  • Other - The 7 Habits: Seek First to Understand and Putting First Things First

What We're Doing:

Feb. 8 - 12

  • Tuesday: Art with Mrs. Golden
  • No Wednesday PE
  • Thursday: Music, last day to earn AR points for next Flag Salute, and exchange valentines
  • No School Friday (President's Day)

Feb. 15 - 19

  • No School Monday (Washington's Birthday)
  • Wednesday PE
  • Thursday: Drama
  • AR Flag Salute

---------------------- Announcements ---------------------

Valentine Exchange

This Thursday we will be exchanging Valentines due to the holiday weekend. The only guidelines we have are:

  1. If your child chooses to participate, they need to bring cards for the whole class. Here is the letter and class list that was sent home this week.
  2. Students can't bring any candy or food

If your child would rather make Valentines instead of buying them, he/she is welcome to use art supplies from the class to create them.

4 Day Weekend!

There will be no school this Friday (Feb. 12th) or next Monday (Feb. 15th) for President's Day

Report Cards

The date that report cards are going home has changed. You should be expecting them Friday, Feb. 19th.

New Reading Program

Our class has been selected to participate in a new reading and language program for the next 6 weeks. I was out on Friday learning the ins and outs of the program, and I can't wait to get going with it in the coming days and weeks!

Because of the change, we will not be doing spelling like normal for the next few weeks. All spelling work will be done in class and will not be a part of homework.

---------- What's Been Going on in Room 603 ----------

Native American Day

We had our Native American Day 2 weeks ago and it was amazing! Students got to weave baskets, create pots, play Native American games, and listen to an authentic Native American storyteller tell some ancient legends. Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help.

Art Time

This week Mrs. Golden came in to do another art lesson with the kids. They learned about Andy Warhol and his contribution to pop art. The kids then made some pop art themselves and really showed their creativity.

Multiplication Practice

We have come to the point in the year where students should have the concepts multiplication and division down. We're going to spend the rest of the year now working on memorizing multiplication facts, 0-12. We use the program Kahoot! to help us practice in class.

All the Drama

We are SO excited to have our drama teacher here! Students had a blast in their first drama class, working on being expressive and confident in front of their peers.

In this picture students had to pretend they were walking through thick lava.

Thank you!

- Miss Roy