All About Me

By Kayla Brehmer


I love reading, because it feels like being dropped into a new world, and becoming part of the story. My favorite thing to do is write novels. I like to write out things in the world that I feel are poetic or notable. I want to share my memories with the world, and publish a book someday.


German club is a main activity that I participate in. I like it, because we learn German history and make traditional crafts and cuisine. I really have no other organized activities.

School Subject Strengths:

My strongest knowledge in school subjects are science and English. I understand new scientific information easily and quickly. I also know how to have fun in science. In English, I shine for my writing ability.

My Values:

I am a quick writer, and can take notes well. I am best when working alone, but can do an exceptional job with a group or partner. I am also able to write articles and captions that can be helpful in a news industry or promotion job.


I have a lot of mental abilities, but my main assets are:

1. People smart

2. Word smart

3. Nature smart

Learning Style:

A learning style is the best way that you personally absorb information. I learn best when I am reading information alone, but I am capable of working in groups.

Holland Code:

A Holland code is a code that sums up what kind of an employee you are. My Holland code is ASC. This stands for artistic, social, and conventional.

Recomended career clusters:

Some career themes recommended for me were Arts, teaching and training, and government.

My dream job:

My dream job is a literary writer. The salary in Wisconsin ranges from $25,950 to $74,090. To become a literary writer, I would need to have a major in English language and literature, and a minimum of two years of a foreign language.

Most important thing I've learned this semester:

This semester, I learned that it is important to keep a budget. Without one, I would not be financially organized, and would end up in debt.


Kayla Brehmer, 2B