Where Do You Want To Live?

New Hampshire? Grand Manan, Canada? Virginia?

New Hampshire

Crime- In NH the crime rate is 33,714 however only 2,481 are considered violent. The rest is all related to property. There are 15 murders, 449 rapes, 472 robberies and 1,545 assaults in one year on average. In general, the state is highly safe and a perfect place to settle down and have a family knowing your kids will not be in danger.

Racial Makeup- In 2010 93.9% of citizens in New Hampshire were white, 2.2% were Asian, and 1.1% were black. The remaining 3.9% is made up of other races or mixes between races. Year after year the amount of whites in NH has slowly decreased while every other ethnic group has increased over the years.

Religion- The most popular religion in the state is protestant at 34%, catholic at 29%, Mormon along with Jewish and Buddhist at 1%. Jehovah's Witness, Hindu, and Muslim is at .5% and 26% declared themselves as non-religious.

Climate- The Granite State is known for their erratic whether but not everyone really knows how crazy it can get there. NH has four season, spring, summer, fall, and winter. The lowest recorded temperature is -47 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. There are very few places in the world that can have both extreme cold and warm. The state can get blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and much more. One day your at the beach eating ice cream and the next you have no power and there is two feet of snow on the ground.

Jobs/ Unemployment Rate- Currently, 5.2% of New Hampshire citizens are unemployed. There are only 10 states that have a lower rate than us and most of them are extremely low populated states. The most common job in New Hampshire is an occupation that has to do with working with metal and plastic.

Schools- New Hampshire is currently number nine in the state ranking for education out of the entire country which is quite good. The state's average SAT score was a 1557 out of a possible 2400 which is right in the middle when compared to the other states. New Hampshire also has many highly ranked colleges and universities including Saint Anselm and Dartmouth.

Property Values/ Income- The average income of a family in New Hampshire is $78,130. For the US as a whole, the average is $64,293 per family. This lands NH as the sixth richest state of all 50. The median value for homes in the state is $207,300 which quite expensive comparatively however most of the states with high valued homes are in New England. This is because our climate is one of kind, the schools in the area are impeccable and their are many job opportunities.

Taxes- New Hampshire is one of two states that do not have either income or sales tax along with Alaska. That is why it is such a popular retail state. People from the surrounding states such as Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts will just hop the border to do most of their heavy, expensive shopping. The state does however have an extremely high property tax that kind of makes up for not having the other two.

Sports- Due to the fact that New Hampshire experiences four seasons, they have a variety of popular sports. The four professional teams are New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Manchester Monarchs, New Hampshire Phantoms, and the Manchester Freedom. This includes baseball, hockey, soccer, and a women's football league respectively. New Hampshire also has NASCAR and roller derby. The major league sports teams they support are the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Boston Celtics.

Culture Activities- Besides eating chowder and saying "wicked", NH has a lot of activities that are unique to them. People fish, ice fish, hunt, ski, snowboard, snow mobile, swim, dive, hike, run, zip-line, white water raft, and you can even brew your own beer and tap your own maple syrup. Overall, there is a very large amount and diverse group of things to do in the Granite State.

Grand Manan, Canada

Crime- On the island, crime is virtually non-existence. However, the closest city to Grand Manan is St. John's and their crime rate is very high. It was the highest in all of New Brunswick last year and this is where most islanders work and shop so they must be very careful when leaving the island.

Racial Makeup- The island consists of primarily of white people with the percentage being 99.17% and then less than 1% Latin American.

Religion- About 95% of the island claims to be religious and almost half of them affiliate themselves with Baptist.

Climate- Grand Manan, in comparison to other New Brunswick communities has a mild climate. Spring, Summer and Fall months are very comfortable. Winter months offer an inconsistent weather pattern of snow, rain, freezing rain and mild weather. The highest temperature they have experienced in the past decade is 32.9 degrees Celsius and the low is -20.9. The Atlantic Ocean is definitely colder up there but the islanders have no problem jumping right in.

Jobs/ Unemployment Rate- 56% of people living here are employed and 9% are not, however this is because either retirees are here or because the job opportunities are very low on the island. Most of the jobs have to do with fishing, tourism activities, and hospitality such as inns and bed and breakfasts.

Schools- There is only one school called Grand Manan Community School and it is in Grand Harbour which grades K-12. There is no college or any higher education opportunities on the island. 37% of people living here have no high school diploma and 32% only have their high school diploma. Eastern College is the closest to Grand Manan and it is still 3.5 hours away.

Property Value/ Incomes- There are 1,335 private houses owned in Grand Manan and the average house is worth $119,651. In Grand Manan the average family income is $48,190 and the average for Canada as a whole is 76,00. This is because most of the people are either retired or just have a vacation home there for the summer and work in St, John's or back in the States.

Taxes- New Brunswick has income, property, sales tax along with a few others which is the province Grand Manan is located.

Sports- There is no professional teams on the island but their is a civic club for the kids. The children enjoy basketball, hockey, swimming, and other aquatic sports. Pretty much everybody enjoys a good game of hockey like most Canadians and the team the islanders support are the Ottawa Senators mostly.

Cultural Actvities- Cultural activities include fishing, whale and bird watching, kayaking, and hiking. The island is extremely small so there is very little to do but the community is tight-nitband it is a wonderful place to just relax and enjoy a place as beautiful as this one.


Beautiful Virginia
Crime- The total crime in Virginia last year was 192, 549, in which 15,564 were considered violent. There were 314 murders, 1,452 rapes, 4,706 robberies, and 9,092 assaults. This makes the state the 34th safest in the country.

Racial Makeup- In Virginia, there are 68.6% of whites, 19.4% black, and 5.5% Asian. the Majority of whites live on the west coast and there is more of a diverse group of people on the east coast, near the water.

Religion- The majority of people are christian at 76% which includes Baptist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and Lutheran. !7% of people are unaffiliated and the reaming religions have 1% or less each.

Climate- This east coast state is considered mild compared to the rest of them in the US. The southern half of the state is known as a humid sub-tropical climate and the more mountainous part is a humid continental. The state experiences almost every kind of severe weather however they are not as common. This includes hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, typhoons, and thunder/lightning storms. The state experiences the four seasons however snow fall is limited and summers are warmer than what New England has.

Jobs/ Unemployment Rate- The most common job in Virginia is a ship engineer, followed by nuclear engineers and radio mechanics. The unemployment rate is at 5.2%, the exact same amount as New Hampshire which also means it is in 11th place an is relatively low compared to the rest of the country.

Schools- Virginia consistently ranks in the top ten for the US education assesment year after year . The average SAT score is 1,517 out of 2400 which lands the state also right in the middle compared to the rest of country. Virginia also has some very highly sought after colleges and universities including College of William and Mary, Christopher Newport University, George Mason University, and many others.

Property Values/ Incomes- The average house in Virginia is worth $222,00 which is definitely on the higher end of the country but no can deny some of the houses are absolutely breath-taking. The average family income in the state is $64,043 which makes Virginia definitely one of the more wealthy states.

Taxes- Virginia, like most states, has a property tax, income, tax, and property tax. The property and sales tax are somewhat on the higher end but their sales tax is quite low.

Sports- Surprisingly, Virginia does not have any well-known professional sports team considering what a populous state it is. The state mostly roots for teams based out of DC and Maryland including the Washington Redskins. Like most states, the citizens enjoy football, baseball, soccer, etc.

Cultural Activities- Besides cooking cooking, people from the state enjoy swimming, surfing, kayaking, hiking, and golfing. Fairs and festivals are also a big part of the culture in Virginia and so is learning about The Civil War and the African-American history. Museums are popular in the state and include exhibits from the time of our founding fathers up until present day.

Virginia is the place to be...

There are many reasons for why I want to leave New Hampshire and go to Virginia. First of all the climate there is beautiful. Summers are hot and the state is right on the coast and I am addicted to the beach. The state does however have beautiful spring, fall, and winter. The winters are just not completely unbearable especially for someone who does not like to ski or snowboard. Second of all, job opportunities are extremely high and the unemployment is extremely low. I am thinking about going into politics after I have children and am retired and it is conveniently right next to DC. The crime is not the best but that is because they are calculating Richmond and the other big cities in. There are many small, quaint, and extremely safe towns in the area. The taxes are pretty low and the schools are phenomenal, both K-12 and higher. That is the final reason why I want to move here. I want to go to William and Mary for premed studies and then hopefully transfer to John Hopkins which is right outside Virginia. I think my children will be very happy here and will earn a great education. My brother also wants to be down here and my parents want to retire in the Carolinas so we will all be very close to one another.