The Mayan Tribe

By : Mya Weidman-Walters


I’ve picked the Mayans as my tribe. They lived in Mexico.

Their Houses

They lived in houses called “Pyramids”. They can be made out of wood, thatch, vines, and something like cement. It was made out of clay and mud.

What They Did

Some Mayans were craftsmen, traders, hunters, warriors, farmers, slaves, and caretakers. The slaves were captured from other tribes. The women stayed at home with the children, while the men were out hunting and gathering needed materials.

Their Weapons, Tools, and Armour

Some of the weapons were atlatls, blowguns, bow and arrows, and 2-handed swords. An atlatl is a spear thrower. It is 1.6 feet long with a sharp dart at the end. The 2-handed sword are made out of wood with a blade of obsidian.The armour is made out of cotton. The soaked the cotton to make it tough. They also made steel armour. Other tools like farm equipment and hand chisels are made with sharpened stone or wood.

The Food

The eat corn, beans, squash, turtles, doves, and shrimp. The Mayans got the corn, beans, and squash by farming. They had to hunt for the turtles, dove, and shrimp.

Fun Facts

  • The Mayans were known for their Pyramids like the Egyptians.

  • They made their own writing and number system. They even made their own calendar.