Sukiyaki By Kyu Sakamoto

By Emily Fernandez and Chloe Long

Basic Information:

Artist: Kyu Sakamoto

This song came out in 1961.

Historical circumstance: The song came out as a response to WWII, after WWII the U.S increased military presence in Japan, and the Japanese protested the Americans presence. This song was written after a failed student protest against the Americans.

Point Of View:

The artist wrote this song based on his reminiscence of Japans failed attempt at protest against the Americans. Sakamoto also realizes Japans other failures as a country and is upset about these mistakes in Japanese past.

Information About Historical Event:

WWII caused massive destruction and debt for all the of the people involved in the war, including Japan. In 1964 the Tokyo Olympics were held, which stimulated Japanese economy. Therefore, the song Sukiyaki symbolizes regret and despair about the past but also shows that despite ones past, one should always be looking towards a better future.

Tied Event (time period):

Sukiyaka was created in 1961, therefore it fits in the timeframe of the 1900's to Present Day

Tied Event (themes):

The relates to state building, expansion, and conflict.

How/Why it makes the best "Historic Anthem":

This song represents the best Historic Anthem due to its involvements in WWII and the message it holds for the hopeful people of Japan. Sukiyaka can be interpreted in many different ways, therefore it is able to be related to similar situations.

Questions about our song:

Why we chose the song: we chose this song because the song caught our attention with its strong lyrics, and light pop sound.

Where it came from: Japan

What it represents: It represents Japanese people and their willingness to fight for the country that they love despite hardships

Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou) - Kyu Sakamoto (English Translation and Lyrics)