Tate Krichau

Live life to the fullest

My mom Allison

She is always there for me when I'm down and she tells me that I can do anything; that I can do anything and everything that I put my mind too.

My dad Josh

My dad is one of my biggest fans but he is also one of my biggest hater too. He will tell me good job and everything but then he will tell me just what I need to do to make it better next time.



When I first started school I thought it was going to be very hard, but after I started I learned that it isn't really that hard. I quickly found out what I was good at, and that would be P.E. In 7th grade it was the first time I ever played football for the school and I found out that if you have a coach that likes you, you will have a much easier and better time, that coach was coach Khun. I ended 7th grade with a GPA of 3.6... and A's and B's.

During the summer before 8th grade I wanted to be in the best shape I could possibly be in for football; so I started to lift a little. I also went for a two mile run so that when everyone else was dying I could still be going hard and those choices helped tremendously.

When 8th grade started I went out for football. First I went for running back but right before the first game I was changed to full back. When they first changed me I was very upset and I didn't want to play anymore really, but I didn't quit and we ended up with a 3-3 season.

Turning Point....

Our second game of the season was in Newton, it was the first half; we were down on the 7 yard line and I get the ball. The play was a dive; when I got the ball I followed my blocks and I ran it in for a touchdown. That was the teams first touchdown of the season and I had it. We ended up winning that game and only letting them score once, in the second half.
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