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April 24, 2020


  • Artist Recreation Spirit Week Photo's
  • Voting
  • Message from Mrs. Cicco
  • Expectations when online learning
  • Remote Learning Plans and Resources
  • Google Classroom
  • Counseling Corner
  • Access to Meals
  • Student Emails
  • Tumblers
  • Records - 4th grade families
  • Suggestion for a schedule while at home
  • PTA Updates
  • Contacting Brooklyn School

Voting - April 28th

Ohio voting has been changed to April 28th. Due to Covid 19, voting will take place by mail in ballots only. Click this link to find more information. Brooklyn Schools has a renewal levy on the ballot.

Message from Mrs. Cicco

What a week!

We found out Monday afternoon that schools will be closed for the rest of the year, just as we were beginning our parade around Brooklyn. The parade definatlely brought joy to all of our staff and community. It was so nice to see so many outside with signs or waving from their windows.

With school being closed I want families to know that we are working on a plan for students to be able to safely enter the school and collect their items. This will not happen for a few weeks and I will communicate out what that will look like once we have everything figured out.

As we continue our distance learning plan, I want to say thank you to all the families who are completing work and communicating with the teachers. We take pride in our jobs and want to ensure students are still getting a quality education. We understand the trying times and the difficulty of home instruction, please communicate with teachers if you have questions or concerns.

Distance learning is just like attending school. It is our expectations that students are turning work in, particiapting in assignments and tring their hardest. If students are not participating, their families will be receiving a call from Mrs. Cicco, Ms. Smith or Officer Dan. Students will still be receiving grades and at the end of the quarter will receive a pass or fail grade for the 4th quarter.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful week.

Cristin Cicco

Expectations for distance learning

  1. Participate in classroom discussions or communicate with teachers
  2. Complete assignments and turn in via google classroom or however determined by teacher
  3. If you are having any trouble, please reach out to your teacher
  4. Students will be graded on work and participation.

Remote Learning and Resources

Remote Learning Plans and Resources

During this unprecedented time, Brooklyn staff have been working incredibly hard to prepare lessons that are meaningful and engaging to our students. Throughout this time we ask parents and caretakers to be patient and understand online learning is challenging for everyone. We are working hard to support our families throughout this. The focus during this extended closure is to support students and families through remote learning opportunities so student learning continues.


  • This plan began on April 20, 2020 and will continue through the rest of this school year.

  • Plans will be posted for at least one week at a time, some grade levels may post two weeks at a time, and will be available no later than 8AM on Monday or the first school day of the week

  • Students may work at their own pace and at any time of day; we are not requiring students to log in at a certain time each day, but they are expected to complete all of the work assigned to them. There may be situations in which students are invited to join in a video conference to help support them.

  • Students will receive feedback on their work and grading of the work will occur.

  • Grading for each grade level will look different than it has in previous quarters. Building principals and/or teachers will communicate the grade policy for 4th quarter.

  • If your family is experiencing a hardship that prevents them from completing the work, please communicate with your child’s teacher or the building principal so that we may try and assist you.

  • Parents, you are our partners in this and we encourage you to set up a place in the home to help foster learning and create a schedule for your children during this time.

  • Teachers will also be holding virtual office hours during the school day. Virtual office hours include, but are not limited to emails, phone calls, and video conferencing. The virtual office hours will be communicated by your child's teacher. This is a great time to get assistance and/or questions answered from your teacher. If you cannot make the office hours, feel free to contact your child's teacher or Principal via email at any time with questions you may have. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Google Classroom

When we return to virtual learning after spring break, April 20th, teachers will be conducting classes online through google classroom. Teachers have set up google classrooms and have sent invites to students in their student emails. If you need assistance to prepare for April 20th, please feel free to contact me at

Directions for logging into Google Classroom at Home:

Once you’ve logged into your Google account.

You should be able to access Google Classroom by clicking the Apps Launcher in the upper, right hand corner and scrolling until you find the Google Classroom Icon

How to Access Google Classroom

This is a guide on how to access google classroom.


Counseling Corner

From Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith has recorded a special video for our students and families.

Click here to watch.

If you want to reach out to Mrs. Smith, her email is

From Mrs. Bir

Mrs. Bir has recorded a special video for our students and families.

Click here to watch

Office Hours (Monday - Friday)

11:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m. & 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

If you want to reach out to Mrs. Bir, her email is


Meals - Pickup is Monday, April 27th

All Brooklyn City Schools students are eligible for a free breakfast and lunch during the state directed extended school closure related to the COVID-19 / coronavirus outbreak.

You may pick up meals at Brooklyn High School (9200 Biddulph Rd.) on Monday, April 27, 2020 between the hours of 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Pick up / drive through lines will be in the front of the High School building.

Hurricane Meals can be ordered online through a Google Form or by phone. Please choose ONE method of ordering.

Google Form - Complete one (1) form per student, please. Orders placed for breakfast and/or lunches will be for entire week (5 days).

Orders must be placed by Noon on Sunday, April 26 for pick up on Monday, April 27.

Phone orders - Parents may also phone in their orders. The phone number is 216-485-8113. Please leave a voicemail with student first and last name, parent first and last name, student number, grade, phone number and meal choices listed below:
Breakfast - Yes or No
Lunch - Yes or No

Misc. Information

Student Emails

When we passed out packets, we included a notecard with each students brooklyn email and password. This is an email for your child to connect with their teacher and will be their log in for access google classroom and documents.

If you do not know your username and password, contact the teacher or the principal. One of will be able to give you that information.

Directions for logging into your Google Drive at Home

1. Go to the Internet

2. Go to Google

3. Click on the icon on the right side of the screen (if there is one there- it might

be a letter or photo or other icon that goes with your account).

IF YOU DON’T SEE an icon, click the blue SIGN IN button

4. IF this is the first time, you’ve ever logged in before, click on: Use another Account OR Add User

6. Then enter your email: (for example:

7. Click NEXT

8. Enter your password (the one you use all the time at school- it’s 8 characters (4 letters 4 numbers)

9. You should now be in and able to access your Google Drive – click on the Apps Launcher in the upper right corner!

10. Next time, if you’ve logged on the computer before, you’ll just need to click your username. (Your username should be there and enter the password to get into your Google account.

Tumblers have arrived!

Tumblers have arrived and will be ready for pick up on Monday and Tuesday. Due to the current situation, families will need to pick a time to get your tumblers. 1 sign up per family is fine. Ms. Smith will be there Monday and Tuesday at certain times to hand out tumblers and prizes. You will need to schedule a time using the form below. She will come out to your car and give your the items, prizes will be included within the packages (except the video game truck).

Please come to the gold lot, main office doors and use the driveway to pull up (like pick up and drop off). Stay in your car, do not park in the parking lot and walk up. If you have any questions, email Ms. Smith at

Plesae click this link to sign up for a time.

If you have any questions, let us know.

Cristin Cicco

ATTENTION 4th Grade Families

Notification from: Brooklyn School

Attention Families with kids in 4th grade

If you still do not have your recorder, you will have TWO more opportunities to pick it up:

1. If you are picking up a tumbler for the fundraiser on Monday or Tuesday, you may pick up your recorder at that time.

2. We will have our FINAL RECORDER PASS OUT DAY on Wednesday, April 29th from 10:00AM until NOON
  • If you are picking up on Wednesday, please do the following:
  • Pull up to the Gold Lot Doors (main entrance) and I will come out to your car.
  • Please bring a SIMPLE PAPER SIGN with your son/daughter's NAME written on it in LARGE print. I will bring the recorder directly to your car.
  • Pop the trunk and I'll set it inside.

If you have any questions, please contact me via Google Classroom or at

Mr Keller and Mrs. Cicco

Daily Schedule while at home

Here is a link to a suggested schedule. I know I am a person who likes routine and structure. This has been helpful with my own two children. Hopefully you find it helpful.
Big picture

Grades for 4th quarter

I will be sharing out a document next week regarding what grades and credit will look like for each grade level. This will be for work from April 20th to May 1st and beyond if needed.

PTA News and Updates

Yankee Candle Sale

We will not be following through with this fundraiser in the school setting. However the online ordering and home delivery is still an option. Online orders can be placed until July 8th. If you have already collected orders and money, you can 1) return the orders and money to the person 2) convert it to an online order. If you need more information or have questions, email Mrs. Cicco and she will try to point you in the right direction.

Contacting Brooklyn School Personnel

Attendance Line ~ (216) 485-8171

  • When reporting your child off, please include: first and last name of the child, grade, reason for absence, who is reporting the child off and a number you can be reached.

Mrs. Cristin Cicco ~ Principal

(216) 485-8177

Ms. Lara Smith ~ Assistant Principal

(216) 485-8178

Mrs. Annie Bir ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades 4-7)

(216) 485-8128

Mrs. Denise Smith ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades PK-3)

(216) 485 - 8173

Mrs. Laura Paul ~ Brooklyn School Secretary

(216) 485-8176