The Special K Diet

Fad Diet


"You can lose nearly 5 pounds in 2 weeks!"

What is suspicious about the claim?

It is supposed to be done in a 14 day period so the weight will just be put back on once it is over.

What can you eat?

Special K breakfast cereal with skim milk and fruit for breakfast. For lunch repeat the breakfast meal or replace it with a Special K meal bar. For dinner eat your normal meal. Eat 2 snacks each day of Special K products or fruits or vegetables.

How does it compare to the food pyramid?

The Special K diet only uses Special K foods and the food pyramid is balanced.

Why might people who want to lose weight be particularly vulnerable to promises and claims of this diet?

If they want to loose weight quickly without exercise.

What might be some long term health issues if someone was on this diet for an extended period of time?

It has a lot of unhealthy ingredients like low fibers, trans fat, and high sugar content.
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